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I Can't Find the Words

I’m trying to find the words to say thank you. Almost 3 million of you went to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. WOW! I THANK GOD FOR YOU!! It’s going to take me a second to get the right words together to share. But just know that I so appreciate it, along with everybody here at Tyler Perry Studios.

If you didn’t see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION, it's in theaters now, although it’s in far fewer theaters than any of the movies that opened this weekend (which is one of my fights). I hope that doesn’t stop you from going to see it. You may have to drive a little bit, but you’ll laugh a whole lot.

I told you it was hilarious. Tell all your friends and Facebook folks and tweeters to go see it. Ok? Don’t leave all that laughter to yourself :)

I love you.

Talk soon and may God bless you,


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  • Tony Godly Heaven

    Tyler Perry is Nice :) YouTube/TonyGodly

  • katarine San Deigo

    The movie was great tyler I can't wait to see this action film that yhur goin to be in will be a t the theater to watch that one to...I'm a huge fan nd kant wait to work with yhu myself keep upp the great work

    • karon 2340 186 st lansing il 60438 #1712700


  • Gail Mapp Philadelphia Pa

    That's ok Tyler Perry you are busy!!!!!!! Continue too produce, and we will continue to attend and purchase your items, through thick and thin. We will always be there for you and the people who are employees of your company. Thank God for your mother given birth to you!!!!!!! Because without your mother and father, there would be no Tyler Perry!!!!!!! gm

  • Valerie N Roper, NC

    Thank you Tyler, for bring a new movie out. My family enjoyed it, we always look forward to your movies.

  • Kris Il

    I'm a new fan...just learning about you by reading your blog. I like that your appreciative, and loving. It appears your heart has many wonderful layers.

  • Sis.Sandra Moffett Field,CA

    Hi Tyler God bless your heart and thankyou. I got a chance to see MWP in the ATL. I admire that city. The movie was "ok". Mabel is Mabel...but Joe is the man. That negroe cracks me up! I swear...and I don't swear. He is ker raze zee....I loved the jokes that you wrote into the movie for the other actors also. The male female voice had me rotf......TP you'se a fool!!!! anytee way. Just thought that I would stop by and holla! Alex Cross...Well that movie is gonna be the beginning of a absolute new thing for you. I see the Father stretching you and enlarging your territory isn't HE good like dat???? You are tapping into areas that you have yet to unleash/and discover and I as your sister in Christ am very proud of you. You are starting to bake your own pie, soon you will be growing the fruit, and soon you will be selling your wares all over the world. In other words God will begin to reveal to you just exactly what is what with HIM and your greater purpose. Well not talking bout much. Love you past, present, and future. Take good care of your self, and congrats...(CW) I hope you are happy!!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Deborah D Staine

    You are Welcome & Thanks 4 ur movies! Your movies are an inspiration & helps with personnel life situations. So thanks so much!

  • Donna Niagara Falls

    Thank you for always bring the funny! I'm a public official and your films are my therapy, Can't say much more, my comment might be FOILED! ALGH.

  • Idelle New Orleams LA

    HELLO Tyler.I ENJOY the movie VERY MUCH it was very hilarious and emotion i laugh so much i was crying it very funny think you so much for the movie. from Idelle

  • Lynnette Little Rock, AR

    Hey Tyler, I won't keep you long...I just wanted to say that Madea's Witness Protection...BABY it was off the chain!! I laughed til I cried and I really needed that. The cast was great and the movie as a whole was wonderful!! I tell you...I laughed so hard on one part that there werw a few around me looking like...Ma'am..really?!?!? But I could so relate to that one part...trying not to give out details for those who haven't seen it. I know you deal with a lot, but know that if you weren't doing your best then you wouldn't have haters around you. To have haters around you means that you are obviously doing something greater than great...and only God can instill that caliber of greatest!!

  • Clyde Bennett Virginia Beach, Va

    Very short post but I want to thank you for what I have not seen. I have not seen the movie but will be seeing it later today and I know there will be not regrets or disappointments because Tyler Perry does not know how to disappoint people. God laid a gift upon you and through a favorite pass time of the modern world you give lessons that both young and old take to heart. Kids don't go outside and play like we used to back in the day. They sit and watch cartoons and MTV. Not that there is too much wrong with their choice but what is wrong is the messages they don't get that causes the damage. I bless God for you Tyler Perry. I know I said this was a short post in the start but at what point is enough of talking about Tyler Perry? My God....Thank you for Tyler Perry!

  • shaza elarabi KSA

    Hi,Tyler my name is Shaza Iam 33 african woman from Sudan Ilive in Saudi Arabia mother of two children their father leave me and went China when my second son was 57 days now he is ten years old leave me in abad sitution in Saudi Arabia with out legal documents for me and my children Ihave big big big big problem to join my sons to school because they have not legal documents and that is hurt me and make me crying every day.Tyler all this years Iwake up and Iam very scary because we have not legal documents and that is against the law in this country.Isent my message over 800 times to mama Oprah email and thousands time in Harpo answer machine and Isent mail in 2008 with my photo and my children photos to Harpo Prodiction and not find replay.please please please Tyler help me you and mama Oprah to live in America to find chance of work and good teaching to my children.Iknow you are busy man but Ipray every day to read my message and call me .sorry about my English Iam not very good at English Ispeak Arabic.THANK YOU.

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