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I Can't Find the Words

I’m trying to find the words to say thank you. Almost 3 million of you went to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. WOW! I THANK GOD FOR YOU!! It’s going to take me a second to get the right words together to share. But just know that I so appreciate it, along with everybody here at Tyler Perry Studios.

If you didn’t see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION, it's in theaters now, although it’s in far fewer theaters than any of the movies that opened this weekend (which is one of my fights). I hope that doesn’t stop you from going to see it. You may have to drive a little bit, but you’ll laugh a whole lot.

I told you it was hilarious. Tell all your friends and Facebook folks and tweeters to go see it. Ok? Don’t leave all that laughter to yourself :)

I love you.

Talk soon and may God bless you,


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  • Casey Lacey Washington

    Went and seen it this last weekend with my boys.... I LOVED IT WE ALL LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to buy the Blu-ray :-)

  • Karen Richardson, TX

    Wow, I felt your "I Love You". Blessings on your calling. God is making room.

  • april minneapolis mn

    Nooooooo. Thank you. You gave me something positive to do! Love you!

  • Andrea Tyler, Tx

    Tyler I am so proud of you. When I see what God has done, to you, thru you and for you. I know there's a God ( in Sophia "Color Purple" voice)

  • Daniel brown Dallas

    My moms email address is you wanna talk to her. She's trying to reach you, you've been talking to her since 2009 when she asked you to give her access to listen to I can do bad all by my self by Mary j blige. I want to know when the Dloyds show coming out because I want to do third lead row I have a special mind to remember things and I have natural talent and I have songs 31 total. If you want to talk to either me or her we gave you our email addresses Please I want to be on your show Gid knows I do Please reply to either me or her Please

  • Noelia Velazquez-Reeves Cleveland, Ohio

    Mr. Perry, Keep up the good work!. God has given you a gift and a talent don't let the works of the enemy steal that from you. Always remember to put GOD first. Follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit and you will always have his mercy and grace over you...love nowe

  • Stacey T Eagle Grove, Iowa

    Tyler, I was so looking forward to seeing the movie however I was devastated to learn that the theater did not have it. I was very upset. So I need to do some research and see where it's playing. I will drive anywhere to see it. I hope this kind of thing changes. Every movie should have the same opportunity to be shown as any other. Who do I talk to about that?? Take care and God bless, Stacey T.

  • Susan Atlanta

    We should be thanking you Tyler. Thank you for the pure entertainment, the laughter and the message. I went to see Madea's Witness Protection Friday morning, and the shows were sold out, so I got a ticket for the third showing. Will be going back July 4th with friends, and going on this weekend with family from out of state. I also have a group outing I'm going with from my church on the following weekend. So to you I say a profound THANK YOU.

  • Daniel brown Dallas,Texas

    What I love about you is you put God first and reverence God then you thank the people or thank God for the people because if it wasn't for the people you wouldn't be where you are today. My mom and I will see your new movie tomorrow morning

  • stephanie ellis United States

    I have not had the opportunity to witness the greatness YET I will definitely get to see it soon.

  • Laurette Fleming Island, FL

    Laughter is the healing medicine that WE ALL NEED. I can always count on Madea to heal my soul! Thank YOU Tyler Perry!!! You are so loved!

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    :-) & lol w/ us!!!!

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