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I Am Beyond Outraged By This!

  For the past two days I have had a knot in the pit of my stomach. I was watching a show on Discovery ID called Disappeared. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. What outraged me the most is that in 8 years, not one national news outlet has picked up this story. 8 YEARS and nothing has been done. Wait until you read this!  I did some research, and from the few articles I could find on this matter, here is the summary of one I’d like to share with you.

Still no answers about men last seen with deputy

By JANINE ZEITLIN, Sunday, January 22, 2006 NapelsNews.com

Marcia Roberts is haunted by her only child. She used to watch “Unsolved Mysteries” in her East Naples apartment in hopes of triggering her mind into unlocking what happened to her son. He’s been gone more than two years. And she doesn’t know where he is, or was. If he’s alive or dead. But her answering machine has remained the same since the questions started:“Whatever is now covered up will be uncovered and every secret will be made known, Matthew Chapter 10, verses 26 through 28.“ Terrance Williams has been missing since January the 12th, 2004. The family would like to thank you for your continued prayers and your thoughts and acts of kindness.” And she won’t change it until she finds answers. And she will never stop looking. And she will never stop praying. “My mind just wanders and I wonder if that’s good or not. I pray every night. I know God is tired of me,” she says. And she will never give up.

The night he slipped from her life — Jan. 11, 2004 — Marcia said she picked him up from a Bonita Springs Pizza Hut where he worked as a cook and drove him to a friend’s house. A day later, the last person confirmed to see him alive was a Collier County sheriff’s corporal — the same man last spotted with Felipe Santos, a 23-year-old Mexican laborer just three months before. The corporal said he gave both men rides to Circle K convenience stores in North Naples within four miles of each other.

What happened between Jan. 11 and when Williams ran into Cpl. Steven Calkins, a nearly 17-year Collier Sheriff’s Office veteran on Jan. 12, gnaws at his mother. Times, lies, inconsistencies and a story that doesn’t jibe keep running through Marcia’s head. Three witnesses told Sheriff’s Office investigators they saw Calkins wave over Williams near Naples Memorial Gardens, a North Naples cemetery, between 9 and 10 a.m. Williams was driving a 1983 two-door white Cadillac with an expired plate and registered to someone else. He could have been picked up or cited for six violations, sheriff’s investigators said. Shortly after noon, Calkins said, they met at the cemetery along 111th Avenue North when he spotted Williams having car trouble. Calkins didn’t call in the traffic stop as required. Calkins blames the time discord on confusion and memory problems. Instead of taking him to jail, the corporal said he gave him a ride to a Circle K near Wiggins Pass Road on U.S. 41 because Williams said he was late for work and looked nice and “clean-cut.” Calkins called a friend in dispatch, asking him to run information on an abandoned vehicle, even though he later said he had met Terrance by then.

- - -

Telephone call: 01-12-04/ 1249 PM

Caller: Cpl. Steven Calkins/Dispatcher: Dave Jolicouer.

Dispatcher: “What are you doin’ sucka?”

“Well I got a “Homie” Cadillac on the side of the road here, signal 11, signal 52 nobody around,” Calkins says.

“I’m at the cemetery here at the corner of Vanderbilt and 111th,” Calkins says later in the call.

“Oh yeah, you be doin’ some prayin’? Been prayin’ to the heavenly father?” Jolicouer says.

“Maybe he’s out there in the cemetery. He’ll come back and his car will be towed,” Calkins says.

A half-hour later, Calkins contacted dispatch with Williams’ full name, date of birth and asked the dispatcher to run a search, though Calkins later told investigators he only knew Williams’ first name. Calkins called with a fake birth date Williams had used before and possibly when he got in trouble.“4-1-75. Black/male. (singing)...,” a transcript of Calkins’ call to the dispatcher says.

After much pressure from Marcia to the police department this is another dispatch call.

Dispatch: 1-16-04

“I hate to bother you at home on your day off, but this woman’s been bothering us all day. You towed a car from Vanderbilt and a hundred ... Do you remember it?”

Calkins: “Uhhh, no.”

“Do you remember ... she said it was near the cemetery.”

Calkins: “Cemetery?”

Calkins assures the dispatcher there was no one with the vehicle.

“Uh, well, somebody’s at the cemetery telling the mother that you picked up the driver and he’s been missing since Monday.”

“Oh, for pete’s sake.”

Seven days later, Calkins wrote an incident report. He later told sheriff’s officials he wrote it “to cover his butt.” After dropping off Terrance, Calkins said he returned to the Cadillac and found there wasn’t proper registration in the car. He felt duped so he called Circle K and asked for Terrance from his cell phone. The clerk told him she didn’t know any Terrance, he said. Records showed Calkins never made the call.

More than two weeks after her son vanished, on Jan. 28, Marcia lodged a misconduct complaint against Calkins and an internal investigation ensued. Calkins was fired from the Sheriff’s Office in August 2004. Eight pages in the Sheriff’s Office internal probe outline Calkins’ lies and inconsistencies about what happened. He hasn’t been charged with any criminal wrong doing. An appeal by Calkins cited a report that Williams was seen at an East Naples gas station, though the investigators viewed video and didn’t see Terrance. The appeal was shot down by Sheriff Don Hunter.

Williams owed child support. He has four children — now 13, 11, 5 and 8 — by four different women, his mother said. He spent time in a Tennessee prison in the mid-1990s in connection with an aggravated robbery, a Department of Correction spokeswoman said. Trespassing, DUI and driving on a revoked license were his other offenses.

Maybe he didn’t always make the best choices, but Marcia said her son was trying to shape up and support his children. She said she and her son were too close for him to leave without a good-bye. He gave her away at her October 2002 wedding. And all of his things were just left behind. “They’re going to tell me he just went somewhere,” Marcia said. I’m his mother. His mother knows.”

- - -

Marcia’s crusade for answers is heightened by questions about another missing man. Felipe Santos was last seen by his brothers getting into Calkins’ squad car in October 2003. Calkins said he dropped him at Circle K on Immokalee Road. Marcia discovered the link when the Mexican Consulate in Miami called to tell her about Santos after her son vanished.

Asked during a recent interview with the Daily News to explain, Calkins said: “Coincidence extreme and that’s all it is.” “It was just bad luck. It was bad luck ... I didn’t think anything of it.”

Acute coincidence helped the families tap lawyers for their cases.“The coincidences are so extreme I want to get to the bottom of it,” said Mark Miller, a Fort Pierce civil rights attorney representing Marcia.“Sooner or later, I believe sooner, we’ll find out what happened.”

Linda Ramirez, the St. Petersburg lawyer for the Santos family, said it struck her that Calkins said he took both men and dropped them at a Circle K instead of at the sheriff’s substation or jail.“It would just seem to me you’re not likely to find two people who have gone missing under similar circumstances without there being some kind of connection,” she said.


To read the entire article, click here

This story reminds me of a time when black men were lynched and no one was ever prosecuted for it.  These families deserve answers! They have been trying to get national press on this story for years, to no avail.  I have been on the phone with the FBI, Reverend Sharpton, reporters, the NAACP and anyone else who will listen. This can’t go on in our America anymore.  No matter what your race, this should outrage us all!

I’ll be on the Tom Joyner Show in the morning trying to bring some light and attention to this and help these families.  Also, I’ll be following up with you in the near future to discuss our next plan of action.  Please help me give Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos something that many people don’t think the poor or disenfranchised have… A VOICE!! You’ve helped me do a lot of things, but none as important as this.

Talk to me! Tell me what you think.

If you have any information at all about these cases, please contact the following office:

Tampa FBI Office:

866.838.1153 (24/7)

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  • NessaD Upland, CAarm

    ITyler, thank you for bringing attention to this serious issue. I just watched the ID episode on Terrence and Felipe and all I could do is shake my head. We know therfe is foul play involved here and it doesn't take rocket science to know that Corporal Calkins is lieing. As a mother of a murdered son with no arrests 15 years later I sympathize with Marcia. Something is horribly wrong with our judicial system Tyler. In this case it appears to me that much more could have been done considering the many discrepancies in his stories. THEY FIRED HIM and that's it? Oh h*** to the no! I pray that these attorneys the families have hired will get to the truth and these two men's remains can be uncovered and turned over to their families so they may finally have peace. Calkin knows EXACTLY what he did to them and where they are.

    • Pamela South Carolina #1628485

      I agree totally, more could have been done the law could have posted pictures of these men at the Circle K just to see if there were any leads. Then when they said they put a GPS on Caulkins' car they could have searched the area from above to make sure there weren't any swamps in the area...Florida has gators and Caulkins' could have killed both these boys in gator infested waters..I was very unpleased with the whole outcome but you know God knows and Caulkins' will meet his Faith when that time comes..how could a man do this is beyond me...years has passed and now the families just want to know the truth and put all to peace. It's sad and I am still scorned about this. It's just a shame !

  • Missy North Carolina

    My fiance and I watched the case on Terrance and I had to pause the show and cry once I heard the call made to dispatch with rude things that were said during the call. One rude remark was "homie" and mocking the way that some Africans Americans speak. I knew right then something horrible happened to him. I felt like Terrance had done everything right as far as trying to get someone to give him a ride or pick him up. I just wish that things turned out differently for him. This had such an impact on me that I followed my fiance home, because one of his headlights was out. I honestly felt like this was an example of how we continue to let things happen again in our country. The first case was covered up, because of who Felipe was. Had it not been, the second one would not have happened.

  • Colleen Danbury, CT

    Dear Mr. Perry, I set up a twitter account just for this issue. I could not comment,so I will here. First dirty cop is an under statement, there are other people involved in this cover up. Every mother in america should be afraid. These young men could be anyone's son. I pray and ask GOD tonight what was done here in the dark, that it be brought to light. Those mothers have a right to solid answers. A devoted fan Colleen

  • Cellicia Florida

    It is sad that this was not televised before, so that others were made aware, but thanks for bringing it to our attention. It is said that 'evil continues when good men do nothing', so I am happy that you have chosen to stand up for right. I will pray for strength, comfort, answers, healing and peace for the families. God bless you Tyler

  • stephanie stewart philly

    let me first start by saying that god is good and i know he will let the truth come out. as i begin to write i get mad just becuz what happen to those young men for no reason. i cant image how she feel becuz i have an child and if something was to happen to her i would not know what to do. when i heard this story i wanted to know more and wanted to know why wasnt this on tv letting people know and as i heard for the media even made me get even mad to the point i want to do something but i just as god to give that family support and to get answer to what happen to there sons. i pray that they do so they ca go to sleep with an little peace knowing that they have answers and there with their father up above. if there anything i can do please email me and i will .

  • Josie Wisconsin

    Tyler, This story is really sad and disgusting. It brings me to tears to think that this has happened and there are many people who don't even care. This is the world that we live in. It is full of evil and God may be crying everyday. All we can do is pray when no one seems to care. Hopefully the families of these two young men will be able to one day have answers and PEACE. GOD BLESS YOU

  • Lonia Toliver Jacksonville, AR

    Tyler, I was literally sick to my stomach as I read this..... I can't believe such things still go on in this America of today..... I am totally on board with you on this one. I immediately emailed this to everyone in my mailing list. I look forward to hearing from you soon, on the next step, so that we may all do our part. This outrages me to know end. This could be my brother, my nephews or even my grandsons. This can't just go away....... Regards, Lonia

  • Evon sunny calif

    I shake my head as I read this story. I remembered those 3 civil rights students in mississippi being killed. no one got jail time, all white jury's judging thier own. my father hired then sheriff rainey to work in his security company but due to some many death threats he later let him go for his own safety. It was a big article in the people magazine titled mississippi burning I still get knots in my stomach when I see this guy sitting next to my dad smiling knowing what they had did to them . I'm amazed this officer's home, car, gun, etc were not tested with all this DNA evidence that can be collected how could one get away with anything. The town folks should picket in front of his house day and night. sounds like they are all satans little helpers. I pray for the families and hope then when God puts him on his back he tells what happens so these families can have some sort of peace. To all be safe and don't get out your car if you feel unsafe call 911. Lord help us.

  • Beatrice Rodriguez Philadelphia, PA

    Tyler, I agree that 8 years is a long time for an ordinary person, but eight years in this case represents so much more. It is an eerie feeling that 2 people in a four month period were in the presences of one person - before missing - and that, in itself did not acquire national attention. I think your unrelenting spirit and sense of urgency to broadcast atrocities, such as these, not only instills a sense of hope, but also serves to bring to light the answers to many unanswered questions. Thank you for being an advocate for unheard voices. God Bless You!

  • Sharda Williams Naples, FL

    Goodmorning to all. I am very familiar with this case and also with the way the police officers treat minorities in Naples, FL (COLLIER COUNTY). No matter how much wrong these officers do, it always get covered up. People that live here are scared to fight for their rights because they are afraid of being harrassed. The Collier County Sheriff's office has covered up so many wrong doings. These officers have killed shot and killed people when the had no probable cause, Have used tasers on people while being in water and later died, beat people up so bad just because they can't find anything to arrest them for then charge the with resist arrest w/o violence. Sometimes it feels like we have no hope for justice to be brought to this county. Racism is horrible here. My mother is a successful black business owner of a Bail Bond company in Naples Fl. She is 55 years old and never been arrested in her life. One of her competitors and her husband who worked at the jail had the sheriff's office to place false charges on my mother in which she was arrested for and had to be out of work for 2 years because they suspended her bail bond license. During those to years she went through serious medical issues, Home went into foreclosure, etc. Collier County Sheriffs made her life hard because she almost lost everything. They had no evidence to charge her with the things but drugged the case for 2 years then through it out. She is still trying to get back on her feet and this was back in 2008. Being that she was going through all of this a young lady by the name of Michelle Williams of Tampa FL, came down to help us out. We then informed her of the two that came up missing after last being seen with an officer. She then jumped right on it and started looking for answers but they still tried to cover it up and also tried to make her leave out of Naples. I can go on and on about different occasions and run in people have had with this horrible officers and horrible county. National attention is what's needed here. They try to keep everything on the hush. Naples Daily News does alot of covering up for them as well. All we are asking for is Help. Somebody, Anybody that is for the right of our people. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  • Valerie Dudley Derry NH

    There is so must injustice done to people of color when it comes to crimes committed against them and this is not limited to the adults that go missing. It sickens me that you hear so much about the children that are missing when they are the beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired white children, well what about the equally as beautiful brown eyed, brown eyed African-American children? They too go missing and their stories are not fed to us around the clock as the stories of the caucasian children that go missing. Don't get me wrong, I believe that whenever a child goes missing, we need to hear about it as quickly and as often as possible until that child is found, but I want to hear about all the missing children, no matter what race they are. I also want to hear about the missing adults too. I want to help these families bring their loved ones home and if they are not able to bring them home, I want them to at least want them to know what has happened to their loved one. I want them to know the truth and for the families to be able to be prosecute those who caused harm to their family member. If we don't national coverage for any American that is lost or missing, how can we help bring them home. This should be a constitutional right for all Americans. Thank you Mr. Perry for bringing this story to our attention. It really touched a nerve with me as I just saw a report this week about missing children and how race played into to national news stories and how they reported them when a child went missing. I get so angry to hear that race should play into when anyone goes missing. I am the caucasion half of an interracial couple. If I ever reported one of my children missing, would it be treated differently then if my husband reported it because he is African-American? It makes you wonder just what they would do based on who got to the reporters first. I would like to think that it wouldn't matter but I am afraid it would and would it affect those who choose to help look for my missing child? I hope that I never have to find out the answers to these questions. God Bless you and all of your followers and again thank you for your thought provoking messages. I think of you every time I get into my car as I have choosen to have MADEA as my license plate, that way I can keep you with me every time I drive. I do promise not to drive Like Madea though, I'd like to keep my license.

  • Lela Birmingham

    I will be a voice with you for those families because if I was in that situations I wouldn)t stop until I had answers to.To the families my prayers are with you all.

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