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How Was Your Fourth?

I hope you had a great Fourth of July. I know I did. I took a few folks on vacation and we had a blast. 

Now back to the grind :-). I tell everybody if you're gonna live like you're rich, you better work like you're broke. Too many folks want to live like they're rich and not work. Ain't nobody got time for that :-).

Kevin Hart had a great weekend. His movie "Let Me Explain" opened this weekend. Congrats Kev.

Hey, you know tomorrow is Tuesday, so not only is it The Have And The Have Nots day on OWN but I also have two DVDs coming out. Finally, the most powerful movie I think I've ever done is on DVD: Temptation. You can get it tomorrow, Tuesday. And also, a new play starring Palmer Williams Jr. and Patrice Lovely (Floyd and Hattie) is out on DVD tomorrow. It's called The Haves And The Have Nots, but it's not like the TV show. It's a comedy stage show. Confused yet? LOL.

I wrote the play long before I did the TV show, but I liked the title and the concept so I used it for the TV show. Ok, you get it? I hope so. I hope you get it and you get it. Can you tell I'm rested? Being so silly…

Anywho, I'm headed back to work, then to the gym… too much BBQ and Henn this weekend… LOL.

See you tomorrow on Twitter for The Haves and The Have Nots.

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  • Adasia NY

    I'm a unemployed single mother of 2. My 4th was spent at home with tears because I have no food and no $. Job hunting is stressful and after many interviews no job in sight. I am however very happy to see you are doing well. I have followed and supported you for years! Please keep me in your prayers

    • Courtney Nugent Louisiana #1850510

      Adasia, I will pray for you. I too am looking for a job, matter of fact, I'm about to leave in a few, but The Lord will provide if you put it on Him. We often feel that we are in charge and should bear the burdens. That is not what He wants for us. All I'm saying is…keep faith and remember to lay your burdens on Him. Please pray for me too. =) Thanks!

  • Roslind vacation

    It's gotta be hard living a lie.

  • Marlon keith Corner Kalamazoo Michigan

    Praise the lord Tyler the 4th was wonderful! and I hope yours was too and we had a wonderful time praising god in church yesterday! The Holy Ghost fell in a Great way be Blessed.

  • Thanks Tyler!

    Welcome backxx

  • Michelle San Diego

    Hey Tyler If Possible Looking For A ShoutOut Call If Possible God Bless!! :)

  • Bethany Hines Atlanta, GA

    I just love your notes! Very inspiring and love to see what you're up to next! Best, Bethany

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