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The Haves And The Have Nots

You have no idea how grateful we are that you are watching The Haves and the Have Nots. This was my first television drama and I had a lot (and still have a lot) to learn. But to know that over 3 million of you are tuning in to a relatively new cable channel each week humbles me.

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network staff, TPS staff, Discovery, Oprah Winfrey and myself are all thankful. The power of you standing with me continues to shock people. I see some of the stuff people write about my shows. Maybe they don't get the fact that they are insulting you when they try and tear apart what we love. I'm telling you, they are scratching their heads. You get it, I get it, 'cause we get each other… LOL.

Right after the heart-stopping show tonight, I'm doing a very special Tyler Perry Show. There will be only three episodes of this for the next three weeks. I'll be talking to the cast of The Haves And The Have Nots as well as talking about my new movie, The Single Moms Club. I sure hope you are planning on hanging with me tonight to watch both. I can't wait to hear from you. You know you're the real critics.

Thank you, you all mean the world to me. God bless, and I'll be on Twitter, Facebook and my message board tonight. I want to know what you thought of both.

Only 3 more episodes of The Haves And The Have Nots left.

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  • Nonhlanhla Mamashila Soweto(Johanessburg)

    I have been watching the Have and have nots here in South Africa and I have convinced my cousin brother to watch as well and last week he tells me he is addicted to watching it LOL... Thank you for a great show Mr Perry,I saw the poster for Single Moms Club,Iam not so sure if it is as great as your previous movies,but come 14 March I will give a shot and see.....Your previous work has never disappointed Sir so I trust this movie wont too.

  • Karen Brown IL

    Hello Again, Superb job!!! On last night episode of the Have and Have Nots. It was an awesome performance by your cast. Can't wait for next week episode. Also your Tyler Perry Show was good as well. You handled the host spot like a natural - Ms. O would be proud. It is great the shows are on the OWN network too. Many props to my peeps. Blessings Karen

  • Melissa United States

    GREAT !!! Hanna showed see that miracle, but when he comes back he can't remember his sister. He ask for his mother were is my mom. When he meets Kandice he just stairs at her. That's a episode four future :-) God Bless You KEEP UM COMING!!!

  • Lesia San Antonio, Texas

    Good Morning Tyler, Its about 12:12 am on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 and we enjoyed both the Have and the Have Nots and the Tyler Perry Show. The Have and the Have Nots is getting so good that we could not keep our eyes off the TV to find out what was going to happen next. All the actors and actresses are playing those parts to the "T". (old school phrase, smile) And as always, we love to see the actual actors and actresses being interviewed about their character on the show. Keep it up and We look forward to seeing more. God Bless You.

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) Truly Enjoy both shows tonight Haves And Have Nots and Tyler Perry Show (very nice setting) Tyler... If you only knew what I was thinking right now....Whew! LOL! Nighty Night God Bless You :-) Ms Proverbs

  • Shail Kamini Ramcharan Gainesville, Florida

    We absolutely love "THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS". Who cares what the critics think...You have created an amazing show...

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) :-) Who is this "Tall and Handsome" Young Man on Oprah Winfrey Network? LOL! I'm watching Sir :-) :-) Ms Proverbs

  • Barbara George Texas

    Love the Have and Have Nots! Can't wait until tonight to see what's going down!

  • Queen Samonye Colorado

    Mr Tyler Perry My Boo Boo....Baby I need your Loving Got to Have All of your Loving...My True Love...You Are My Everything...My Hero My Boo Boo French French Kiss xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Pebbles Hometown, NY

    Congratulations Tyler. I will be watching and hanging with you this evening. Always looking forward to your great adventures. Keep on inspiring!

  • Gerri Iquo Abuja

    Congratulations Tyler! Am proud of all your hardworking and achievements. You are truly blessed by God. Keep on trusting God and giving God all the Glory,God will surely continue to reward you. Congrats on your drama "Haves and Haves not. You reminded me of "Dallas" but I guess this is more fun and interesting than Dallas. Congrats also on single Mom's club which will be release on my Birthday 14th March,2014. I wish you all the blessings and goodness of God on my life to extend abundantly to you since the movie single Mom's club will be released on my Birthday, 14th March, 2014. I just wish I was in America to celebrate my birthday so I can give myself a birthday treat to watch the single Mom's club on 14th March,2014.


    Hey there Sir, I am truly grateful that there are many facets of you and that you have diversified yourself. I love your movies, your plays, your experiences, and your spiritual grounding. The Have and Have Nots is just that your first television drama. I enjoyed it last season, when I had a cable provider. Yet watching you, as much I enjoy doing was not enough to justify the expense of cable. I work daily with populations living on limited income and I have found that the expense of cable is often a priority much like food and shelter. I am attempting to stand firm to my decision and personally change my priorities, for how can I ask someone else to freely give up a cost that I am not willing to do the same. Hoping in the near future that OWN would be available on a different venue like Netflix or Hulu.. (I am certain that I would get caught up in yet a day :) I am willing to pay for the part just not the whole.. Your blessings are not in what you have done, but yet what you will do.. Its not over it is just the beginning.. A good meal is not all about everything being perfect, its about that one taste that leaves a lasting impression. Wondering about the composition of your space, your level of comfort? Your desire for change? I am humbled in knowing that the H&HN's is your first television drama on OWN.. Looking forward to seeing many more... B- Blessed and remember you owe me a prayer.. <3 <3 <3

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