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The Haves And The Have Nots

You have no idea how grateful we are that you are watching The Haves and the Have Nots. This was my first television drama and I had a lot (and still have a lot) to learn. But to know that over 3 million of you are tuning in to a relatively new cable channel each week humbles me.

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network staff, TPS staff, Discovery, Oprah Winfrey and myself are all thankful. The power of you standing with me continues to shock people. I see some of the stuff people write about my shows. Maybe they don't get the fact that they are insulting you when they try and tear apart what we love. I'm telling you, they are scratching their heads. You get it, I get it, 'cause we get each other… LOL.

Right after the heart-stopping show tonight, I'm doing a very special Tyler Perry Show. There will be only three episodes of this for the next three weeks. I'll be talking to the cast of The Haves And The Have Nots as well as talking about my new movie, The Single Moms Club. I sure hope you are planning on hanging with me tonight to watch both. I can't wait to hear from you. You know you're the real critics.

Thank you, you all mean the world to me. God bless, and I'll be on Twitter, Facebook and my message board tonight. I want to know what you thought of both.

Only 3 more episodes of The Haves And The Have Nots left.

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  • Pebbles Hometown, NY

    Not many episodes left. ):

  • james wittaker seattle

    Hello Tyler You know we love you too. Please dont tell me that these are the final episodes for the series. I love this show. Is this just for the season or the series finale? Have a blessed day brother. I have your back always.

  • W. Keith Sewell Stone Mountain GA

    "The Have's and Have-not's" is really taking off... There has been much improvement from its asupicious beginning. To be honest, as a fellow writer/producer, the look and feel at the start didn't seem to meet the standard of quality who had established of late. But like you said, this was your first TV project in a dramatic setting and theme. Well, now it's 'all that'! Congrats to you, Oprah, OWN and your staff. I left a message on your "work with us page" today. In an attempt to contact you and TPS professionally. In case you don't get an oppt to read it, (this is Oscars weekend...). Here's my website w/bio and current projects, (don't worry - no detailed material on display.) It's open to the public for obvious reasons. Take a peek when you get some downtime, (what's that?) :) Keith

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Great Morning....Tyler :-) :-)

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Great Morning to you Tyler:-) :-) I saw your beautiful and elegant picture of the Essence Magazine celebrating "Black Men In Hollywood" Congratulations to you Sir...I know you enjoyed yourself...Good for you..You deserve all that God has for you :-) :-) Tyler...did you say that you sat right next to Who?? God Is Sooooo Good :-) :-) It takes God and Nobody But Jesus who will give you the strength to do such an honorable act like that....God Bless You :-) :-) In Spite of Naysayers "Keep Doing Jesus" because he will always "Take Good Care Of His Own" Hope you are resting now after 'Partying Like A Rock Star" ....LOL!!!Have A Bless Day with your 'Tall and Handsome Self" :-) :-) Ms. Proverbs

  • Melissa storey Columbus Georgia

    I really enjoyed the play keep up the great work love you Tyler Perry you are a amazing person

  • Queen Samonye Colorado

    Mr Tyler Perry My Boo Boo (The closer I get to you the more you make me feel) Needing you more and more Your Love Has captured MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Amore Baby My One and Only True Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Karen A. Ware Atlanta, Ga

    Dear Tyler Perry, I love watching your show The Haves And The Haves Not , on Tuesday night. I know that you are a brilliant man when it come to writing about the character in the show. I think that Candace is a Bad B**************** and plays the part very well. But Jim should never never call her a Whore, Whore, Whore. If I could only have 15 minutes of your time. Where Candace would have some words to bring the house down. I would like to discuss this with you over the phone if it alright. I love the Show. Thank you. Karen A. Ware

  • Lashuncp Atlanta, GA

    Hello TP, I completely enjoyed both shows on last night; all I can say it was like a great cup of coffee….. good to the last drop :) Looking forward to next Tuesday……may GOD continue to put his super on your natural in all you put your hands and mind to complete………..Saluting your greatness Mr. Perry !!!

  • ms.atl georgia

    I love The Haves and The Have Nots. You are doing a GREAT job Mr. Perry. This show have me hooked like the soap opera's.

  • Cookie Covington LA

    I have not enjoyed a show this much as I did when "Dallas" began. I think Tyler Perry is one heck of a genius. Grateful and loving to his mom AND remembering God. In todays world, that is a true blessing. To be cast on that show or work in production must be a total reward.Tyler, keep up your good work. The world needs you!!!

  • Wanda Chicago

    I am truly "hooked" on The Haves and Have-Nots. I have my 84 year old mom and her sister looking forward to it as well. I believe my mother likes it especially when Hanna starts talking about her faith in God and His many miracles. However, I think my aunt likes it because Hanna let you know she is a Christian but has a sharp tongue and a hard slap at times. Keep up the good work and keeping us laughing. May God continue to keep you and bless you. :)

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