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  • Tuwana frelow lambert

    Mr. Perry, I was a house of Payne fan; what happen! It was getting so good. Have and the have not is good even though I did not agree with some topics. However, I read between the lines I love your writing. Please keep your anointing. You are a gift to TV at this present. Therefor, I need the browns and house of paynes l was always laughing Tyler. see what you can do. Tj

  • Delores Caro, MI

    Hi, Tyler! Just wondering if David and his wife ever go in the house? Each scene shows them talking outside the front door of their home. I am enjoying the show! Will you do a walk on like Alfred Hitchcock? I think that would be so cool. Take care and keep the show rolling! Delores

  • melissa kermane canton,ohio

    Hi, Tyler Perry my name is Melissa Kermane i just wanted to write to u and let u know god as giveing u a gift that no one has. and i know god will has more for u. i just love the show of the have and the haves not. i just can't wait what u have in store for us. and i love all the movie and the plays. please just keep coming with more of what has god giving u. may god be with u always. love u

  • Latanya Rhodes

    Tyler everybody wants to know if you are gonna bring back house of Payne. If so when

  • Lucile G. Owens Martinez, GA 30

    Enjoying the all new episode of "The Haves & The Have Nots"

  • Elizabeth Fort Valley, Georgia

    Tonight's episode of The Haves and The Have Nots was outstanding. We are so hooked on this show. It is fantastic and can't wait for the next weeks. You are such a talent. Love all your work. Don't overdo, we couldn't live without you.

  • dawne Brooklyn New York

    This show is hotter. I can't wait for next week episode.

  • Veno Kauaria Namibia

    Tyler, please tell us how we can watch the return of the Haves and Have nots in Namibia or South Africa? We are sooh behind. Where can we download this episodes?

  • Tyrone Trenton,NJ

    I can not wait until tonight because this show is red hot.This show has a whole lot of mystery and you don't know what is coming next. Bring it on Tyler.

  • Latoya Detroit, MI

    I am sooo ready! It's about time. What a way to kick off a great week. Here comes the judge! FYI, Tyler time to bring Seasons 1 & 2 to DVD & Blu-Ray.

    • Veno Namibia #1958788

      I agree with you.

  • Altrice Dallas, TX

    Yes, I am ready for another season of the HAHN!!!!!!!!!

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