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  • kayla cameron tx

    can u please put back the have and the nots back on please thats my show

  • Ireen Hempstead, NY

    Tyler Perry you are a gift from God, movies, shows and TV series. I tip my hat to you. I love everything you do. Keep them coming please. Keep on keeping on. Your best fan, Ireen

  • Saundra Queens, NY

    Hey Mr. Perry, I am love, love, LOVING the show. For the last few weeks you've made it hard for me to catch my breath in between scenes :). Wonderful show and wonderful writing on your part. My only gripe is Veronica and her use for calling all the black men she encounters "BOY" ughhhh, that is truly getting under my skin. last week when she was questioning the cop on his allegations of Amanda's death as a homicide or suicide, she referred to him as "SON"...just the one and only thing that bothers me, well except for the fact that Veronica is delusional and in denial about Jeffrey's sexual preference...lol Have a good day and God Bless you and your family always

  • Jacque Long Beach Calif

    I am speechless on last nights episode. Basically the Jim and Catherine have lost both their children. I love the story line as sad as it is about untreated mental illness. Jim is going to get Candace, oh Candy Cane...Watch out now.

  • cstherine Cross United States

    Hello! I'm sitting here watching the show crying because my son was murder in 2006 gun shot to the head in a wheelchair. I was so strong because I have a relationship with God. But tonight made appreciate life.

  • shikina jackson Augusta,Ga

    I love the have and have nots and one of your new addtions, War!! He is awesome and plays his role to a T!! Keep him!!

  • Etta Long Beach, CA

    Hi Tyler, Last nights episode of the Haves and The Have Nots was WONDERFUL!! Thank you. The highlights of the show for me was the scene with Jim and the bus driver that was hilirous! Also, the scene with Jeffrey stroking Whyette's hair and Veronica looking on was THE BOMB!!! Keep up the good work Tyler. One of your loyal fans,

  • Cynthia Milwaukee, WI

    Tyler, love the show; but could you please, please, please bring Veronica down from her high horse. I understand strong black women, however she's becoming very insulting and obnoxious!

  • Johnnie Kay Ellis Chatsworth Ga 30705

    Dear Tyler, Please understand that I love watching your movies, but you have gone to far on gays. You know yourself, you have read the Bible that in the last days all this would happen. Please I just want you to see, you can't serve 2 masters. God and money. God loves you, I know you believe in the Holy Ghost and the power of God. Please get back where you should be with God. I do have people that I love that are gay, they just can't see that it is unclean, unnatural spirits that put this in their heads. It is also a choice some people make. I hope you see why I am writing to you.

  • Patricia frank

    Need at least a double dose this once a week is not enough Please just think about it pat frank Houston texas

  • CharlotteAnn Henry-Dessuit New Castle, DE

    Tyler, Tyler, Tyler I can't wait until next Tuesday. OMG. Veronica is a HOT MESS. That's all I can say.

  • Mariah Williams US/NJ-Newark

    Hey Tyler hun!!!!!!! I love the show "The have and the have nots". I watch it with my family every Tuesday night. I have friends and family that has never seen it before and would like to watch it from the beginning. I also have friends and family that missed episodes and were never able to catch them again. HELPP!! You need to make sure its on demand, online, somewhere. This show is amazing and I would hate to see them miss out on this. I'm not playing Tyler!! lol. Keep doing AMAZING things.