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Have You Ever Been Cheated On? Have You Ever Cheated or Thought About It?

OK, so one time I had an accident in my car. I was so upset. I had the car towed to the shop and had it repaired. They tried their best to make it like new again. They fixed the damage and repainted the area where the car had been hit. But no matter how they tried to match the paint to the original color, they couldn’t. So every day after that, when I would go to the car, I would always notice that the paint didn’t match. Every time I got into the car I would see that area where the paint was different and it would always remind me of the wreck. And even though the car had been repaired it never rode or drove the same again. 

Later, I found out that because the car had been damaged it was worth less than it was before the damage. I thought about this the other day when I was thinking about people who cheat in relationships. When someone cheats, or you have been cheated on, the relationship is never the same. Sure, you can stay together, work on it and repair it, but every time you take a hard look at your relationship you will be reminded of it. I know many of you reading this understand what I’m talking about. The relationship was once so amazing and new and now has lost its value. You have tried to move on but it’s difficult to trust again. I get it, I SO GET IT!

That’s why I wrote Temptation, my new movie that opens this Friday. I WANT YOU TO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND! In this movie I talk about being tempted, I talk about how to forgive, I talk about how to move on from it, and I also talk about how sometimes the decisions you make when you decide to cheat can stay with you for the rest of your life. This movie is powerful. I showed it to several hundred pastors, then had them over to my house to talk about it and the sentiment was the same. This movie has the power to save relationships. So please go see it this weekend if you can. Bring your husband or your wife, your girlfriends and boyfriends, single's ministries and church groups. The subject matter is too strong for kids but it’s perfect for young adults and older. I can’t wait for you to see it. TEMPTATION OPENS EVERYWHERE THIS FRIDAY. 

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  • Lesa R Texas

    just completed hangout. Geat, but goggle + let me down. was not able to get on chat with you guys. I wanted to ask you, have you ever found yourself in an inappropriate relatiionship. I have been, and for all those people who think that the grass is greener or better, it's not. The guy left me lying flat on my back after having surgery, nevee to be heard from again. In case you're wondering, he was the married one not me. So if you have a good person in your life, work hard to maintain what you've been blessed with. If the person is not worth it, don't be afraid to throw in the towel, and move on. If it's a friendship, relationship wjorth salvaging, get couseling, work it out, but of all things, don't cheat. Don't help someone else cheat, cause in the end, you are only cheating yourself. Happy Easter

  • JocelTyn Marie Tucson, AZ

    Mr. Perry, I want to thank you for offering the HangOut on Google featuring the movie Temptation. It was so encouraging you allocated this time to speak to your fans during your busy press tour. It was like experience the bonus features of the movie in advance. Your panel guest were excellent. They did a wonderful job of sharing their experiences with Temptation. I only wish I was selected to ask some of these questions I have concerning the topic. My favorite question not examined is what would you consider the opposite of the word Temptation, and How is that word established in a relationship/marriage? Well, I hope you have a wonderful lunch, and I will see you at the movies tomorrow. God bless and keep you in perfect peace.

  • LW MD

    Mr. Tyler, the answer is yes I have been cheated on numerous of times. Growing up I was always on the quiet side and many people took advantage of me because of it. When I got older and started getting into relationships, the men started off ok, so I thought, but then the cheating would begin because they figured since I was quiet, they could get over on me. Because the bible says you are to forgive, I kept forgiving. Because they knew this, they would continue to cheat. Eventually, I had enough and got out of the relationship. I prayed hard for GOD to bless me w/someone who I didnt have to worry about cheating on me. Well, be careful what you pray for. In my current relationship (married for almost 12 years), he never showed and still doesn't show any interests in sex or even intimacy, caressing, holding hands, etc. -- we are literally living like roommates but still sleep in the same bed -- he won't sleep in the other room and neither will I, considering I paid for the entire bedroom furniture, mattresses, dressers, tv, etc., so I figure I shouldn't have to sleep in the other room. When I used to try and make moves, he would say I was invading his space, why are you bothering me, get back over to your side. Soooooooooooooooooo, now after all of these years where I have said I would never ever cheat on anyone because I know how hurtful it is, I'm now even considering it. I have NOT done it and the thought alone makes me sick to my stomach, plus I fear GOD. Have their been opportunities, yes, but I have never acted upon them. I even tried speaking to him over the years and he always makes an excuse as to why. This is why when I read online or used to hear on the Michael Baiden show about women holding out, I wanted so bad to call in and say not true -- in my marriage, it's the total opposite. When you first mentioned about this movie and even after seeing the previews, I lit up. I said wow, a movie about a woman feeling neglected by her husband -- I could be in that movie. Hopefully, he goes to see the movie too and will reconsider his responsibilities as a husband. On top of all of that, I carry most of the weight around the house too.

  • Ja-Quisha Durham, NC

    Dag.......I wanted to go to the movies early to see the movie but after getting your email and checking out my movie spot I read the same message about showtimes not being available and something about they are contacting the manager......this is a little disappointing because I LOVE to go to the early show so I can actually enjoy it and it not be as crowded, but now I don't know. :(

  • Andrea Knox United States

    Hello Tyler, I got your email this morning concerning your movie Temptation. It is playing in Pittsburgh, PA at Lowe's in Homestead at 10:00 pm. It is late but durable being I am a late might person by nature. It starts Friday I am planning to go on Saturday. O love you and thanks for the entertainment you give us. May God bless you well with themovies credit.

  • April California

    I NEVER cheated...but I've been cheated on. Both my first two marriages. It's the most humiliating and sad feeling ever. Even worse that it happened to me twice. I decided I wasn't very good at picking men. Then realizd they picked me so I stayed away from them for years. I did get married again but we were together 20 before I finally said yes. He's an amazing man. He knows what it's like to have been cheated on in his first marriage. We will be celebrating our 5 wedding anniversary next month and being together 25 years in Nov.

  • celester fondren 7562georgiaroad unit-19 B,ham-AL 35212

    Dear tyler perry, thank you for bringing the movie temptation on television for my husband and I,and also for people all over the world to see because the devil is prowling around live a rowing lion trying to find someone he can devour.i thank you for the message:TEMPTATION the movie.i also watch more of your movies and I love all of them.i believe that you are a righteous man of god and was sent to give the word about the temptation of the world to all people in the name of:JESUS CHRIST our LORD. GOD BLSEE YOU ON TODAY-SIGN:CELESTER FONDREN.sooooooo,thanks a lot,MADEA I luv you much. HAPPY EASTER TO COME

  • Tyler's Temptation movie theatre

    Is there a such thing as Godly TEMPTATION? Or is temptation only evil? Godly temptation vs. Evil Temptation? Does this exist? 1 Corinthians 10:13 vs. James 1:13-15 I guess when it is Godly temptation it really is testing or being tested with a reward at the end for persevering. James 1:12 Looking forward to seeing the movie, Tyler, especially its ending. :)

  • Juliette Athens


    • Job's wife bible #1809126

      Did God do this on purpose? Did we do this on purpose? Is this our purpose? Is this God's purpose for us? If I can bear it, is it still TEMPTATION?

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Tyler, May I share this with you? I hope that you don't mind.... but your unique and different style of directing, producing, and filming movies has Hollywood scratching their heads I just love it!! Your formula is between God and You (Wisdom) To God be all the Glory!! Go Jesus Go Jesus Go!!! Kudos to you Tyler (*-*) I'm just giving credit where it's due...and yes you deserve it Your labour is not in vain..God sees your Great Works!! P.S. I realized I have talked your ears off today...LOL!! I'm just happy for you sir..That's All!! Blessings Ms. Proverbs

  • inami nigeria

    I cldnt jst stop watching d trailer its a very strong movie with strong characters I soley pray nd believe that it will acheive its purpose of healing relationships. Thanks 4 reachin out to souls 2ru movies a big fan of yous works

  • Primetime Anthony Atlanta, Ga.

    First let me say, " THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS!!!" to Mr. T. Perry for bringing us the good and positive messages that allows us to reflect in our minds, the types of characters that are within ourselves. This gives us a chance right the wrong (in ourselves) so that we can " Be The Change We Want To See In Our World". I read in a book where a real powerful and well connected ruler had taken this wise young man for a ride to a mountain top that has a nice view of the cities below. The ruler said to the young man, " If you would serve me, all of this and its wealth can be yours! " The young man responded and said, "Get behind Me Satan! That's where Temptation belongs in our life until we've mastered our emotions. After we've mastered it, then it belongs under our feet. Marriage is a lifestyle of personal development for spouses to esteem each other to help them to fulfil their purpose in life to please our Heavenly Father. In that same book I read from, "Seek the Kingdom of Heaven and all its righteousness first, then all these things will be added to you" We / I have been doing this backwards. We / I have been seeking the " things" first and all the wrong stuff have been adding onto us / me; stress, debt, lack, you get the picture. "Reflect , relate and release" . . . "Real eyes Realize Real lies" . . . "Be the positive message that you bring " . . . "Pass it on" are a few quotes I wanted to share .... Mr. Perry, thank you again for your time, generosity and stewardship. Peace and Prosperity to us all.

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