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Have You Ever Been Cheated On? Have You Ever Cheated or Thought About It?

OK, so one time I had an accident in my car. I was so upset. I had the car towed to the shop and had it repaired. They tried their best to make it like new again. They fixed the damage and repainted the area where the car had been hit. But no matter how they tried to match the paint to the original color, they couldn’t. So every day after that, when I would go to the car, I would always notice that the paint didn’t match. Every time I got into the car I would see that area where the paint was different and it would always remind me of the wreck. And even though the car had been repaired it never rode or drove the same again. 

Later, I found out that because the car had been damaged it was worth less than it was before the damage. I thought about this the other day when I was thinking about people who cheat in relationships. When someone cheats, or you have been cheated on, the relationship is never the same. Sure, you can stay together, work on it and repair it, but every time you take a hard look at your relationship you will be reminded of it. I know many of you reading this understand what I’m talking about. The relationship was once so amazing and new and now has lost its value. You have tried to move on but it’s difficult to trust again. I get it, I SO GET IT!

That’s why I wrote Temptation, my new movie that opens this Friday. I WANT YOU TO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND! In this movie I talk about being tempted, I talk about how to forgive, I talk about how to move on from it, and I also talk about how sometimes the decisions you make when you decide to cheat can stay with you for the rest of your life. This movie is powerful. I showed it to several hundred pastors, then had them over to my house to talk about it and the sentiment was the same. This movie has the power to save relationships. So please go see it this weekend if you can. Bring your husband or your wife, your girlfriends and boyfriends, single's ministries and church groups. The subject matter is too strong for kids but it’s perfect for young adults and older. I can’t wait for you to see it. TEMPTATION OPENS EVERYWHERE THIS FRIDAY. 

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  • Angelina Florida

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  • Isabelle CANADA

    It always hurts to be the one rejected in a relationship. But if there is a break-up, it is usually a good reason. My advice is if he is an ex-boyfriend then it is probably best to try and get over it and know that he is an ex for a reason. If it was something you have done to drive or push away your ex-boyfriend then you may need to think about whatever mistakes you made that caused the break-up.Getting back an ex isn't that hard. I recently went through a really bad breakup as well. We are finally back together after being apart for 3 months now. I used some interesting techniques to get him back, take a look at this free video ( howtomakeanexboyfriendwantyouback.com ) that reveals a secret psychological technique, which will literally force your ex to forgive you for everything, and desire you so badly, that they will literally chase you around like crazy.

  • Linda Lee USA

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  • Brite-I Oregon via the south

    I found it difficult to read the title or even comment on this subject, for I am a Single African American 45+? year old woman. I have had my own trials and tribulations yet I have never been married. It is so easy to fall into the trap of being in a relationship when is was basically your kindness and loneliness taken for a weekness.. I learned earily on that it doesn't take much to get a roommate and takes even less to get a boyfriend. What happen to the good old days when courting occured... I thought the movie was wonderful nonetheless with no apprehensions. Be Blessed and Continue 2 prosper..

  • Elle Goldwire Sacramento, Ca

    I was married for 7 years to a man that had a child in another state that I didn't find out about until she was 3. I loved him immensly, and it really took a toll on my children. We divorced in 2006. When my new boyfriend and I saw temptation it made him take a look at our relationship (he had been unfaithful several times), and see that women too are desired and wanted by other men. And when you neglect the woman in your life there is a man out there that will treasure her when you wont.

  • jackie campbell jacksonville arkansas

    I was with this on guy for almost five months I loved him me being 20 about to turn 21 I was letting him tell me your the only one an I love u I of course being young an d** belived him this is hard to talk a bout I didn't see he was with my 15 year old cousin instead an not me I still think about wonder why I was so 'stuiped an blind how I didn't catch on to it the way the acted around each other. I forgave him an her thinks to ur movie. Madeas big happy family. Then I got to thinking why can't most guys be like Tyler Perry kind. But I guess that's life I just can't find a guy with good values. I don't think I will. Hope u read this god bless an bye.

  • thabo south africa

    I immediatley enjoyed the movie by js readin the storyline I have to say thank u tyler perry I've wached all ur movies from "diary of a mad black women " and all ur movies keep on inspiring me about life in general so I got to say keep them comin and GOD shuld continue to bless you.

  • Denise California

    I have seen the previews for your movie and had all intentions on going to see it with my husband. I'm sure most couples who are trying to save their marriage had the same idea however we never made it. And things went from bad to worse. Now I will go see it by myself because I feel it may give me some clarity about being cheated on and forgiving more times I can even remember. My problem is really with me.l'm mad at myself for allowing this man to abuse my trust.It was not until months later I realized 8 years of lie after lie. We are seperated now and live apart and slowly I'm starting to c me. So tomorrow I am going to go by myself to see your movie.Keep me in your prayers as I will keep you in mine. I will leave an update as soon as I get confirmation.Be Blessed

  • ShaNee Duluth

    I immensely enjoyed your movie, "Temptation". Many people I knew went to see it more than once and immediately responded to its story line. The singles ministry(St. James UMC) that I am apart of is having a Bible Study using yours movie "Temptation" as the catalyst for discussion on relationships and how we become complacent within them. If there are any particular points Mr. Perry you would love for the movie audience to understand, be aware of, please respond and expound on your own personal thoughts and feelings that would concern our church's movie discussion. As the facilitator of this discussion I would be honored by your response and would convey your views to the group. Thank you

  • Dorothy OZ

    Clicking heels three times. "There's no place like home".

  • !!!!!!!! Houston, Tx

    Yes, I've cheated on my mate before, well before we was married and after i had found out about that fact that he had a baby boy (I so desparately wanted to give him).I thought the baby was a new born but he wasn't when i found out about him and the DNA test was already done... So we where together for about two or three years before the baby was born... I didn't cheat with just anyone I went back to my ex-boyfriend which would have been my husband until he was caught cheating...I was pissed and hurt...I wanted revenge, I didn't know what to do besides give in to the temptation of my ex... I was wrong and i felt guilty, so I told my mate and ask for forgiveness and i decided cheating isn't worth it....Plus i'm deathly afraid of catching a disease.... So, cheating while being married is wrong so NO, I've never cheated on my husband....But on a boyfriend yes....I take my vows serious unless its heaven sent!!!!!But then I know I'm cheating on my soulmate with a man that doesn't actually LOVE (he cares) but doesn't LOVE me anyway....

  • Ana Arvayo tucson, Az

    Dear Mr Perry, Thank you for your new movie, Temptati0n. It made me feel emotions that I should have felt a few years ago. I have made many mistakes and I know if I had seen your movie 2 years I would have made different life choices. I know your movie will help many people. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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