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This Is For Frustrated Dreamers

I was driving in to work this morning and I started thinking about all the days I dreaded going to work. I was so sick of it… the job, my boss, the people I worked with, the traffic… I would wake up angry every morning. I didn’t want to deal with the crap of the job, but I was forced to go. I had been homeless, I was broke, living paycheck to hopefully the next paycheck. I couldn’t take a day off for fear I would get fired. I was just frustrated. I thought I hated my life and the job.

It was so aggravating because God had placed all these dreams and hopes in my soul and mind and I had no idea how they were going to come to pass. To have a dream of being something better and living better than the way I was at that moment and to not see a way of getting there felt like death to me. I thought, “Dear God, why would you give me so much hope and not make a way?” But what I learned through prayer was, with no path in front of you and no road map… this is where true faith begins. With faith I realized that I wasn’t frustrated with my life or the job, I was frustrated because I was a person who had dreams for myself, a person who had visions for my life and I wasn’t living it. Have you ever been there, where you felt so strongly that there was more to this life than what you see in front of you?

One of the most difficult things about being a dreamer is the fear that the dream will never happen. I’m here as a living witness to tell you your dreams can come true. You can’t give up. And I am here to let you know that everything can work together for your good. The time that you are spending on that job that you think is a dead end is not. You’re being prepared just like I was. I was a shoeshine boy, I worked as a bill collector, a used car salesman, in housekeeping in a hotel, and they all were preparation for where I am now.

What do these things have to do with where I am now? I’m glad you asked. I am able to use skills that I learned. I shined shoes, so I know how to shine my shoes if I need them to look nice. Selling used cars was a great way to learn how to close a deal. Bill collecting taught me great negotiation skills. Working at that 5-star hotel taught me a lot about travel. Every experience in your life is here to teach you something.

Today, while you’re at work, don’t be frustrated. Look around you and ask God what are you there to learn and how will it be a part of your future dream. Honor that job, do the best you can at it, because God will bless you for honoring something that belongs to another. 

I hope this inspires you today. If you need a little more inspiration then watch my first sit-down interview in years with Oprah on Oprah's Next Chapter. It airs this Sunday on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network at 9/8c. I talk a little about not giving up. I know it will move you.

Here’s a prayer for today: “God help me hold on, help me to get to what I dream of, help me to honor where I am today so that I can appreciate where I will be tomorrow. In Jesus' name.”

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  • Kenjewel Hutto Texas

    I had just got done crying saying Lord when will my dreams come to the reality that you say they are. I picked up my face headed into work and my phone vibrated. I looked down and as I read the words... This is for Frustrated Dreamers... I almost began drowning in tears again. I held back the flood just long enough to read it. Although, I was encouraged all my dreams and promises from God whirled in my head. As I worked I asked God how this position would grow me for the books he promised I would write, the music, and dance theater ministry I would have, and the nonprofit organizations I would run. I graduated college with a BA in English December of 2011 and by January I was swamped with working at an after school program and being the Youth Pastor at my church. Now I am 24 years old and as God speaks to me to work on the dreams he gave me I still struggle to let go of helping others to help myself. I am encouraged that I will have all God said I will and I will reach my dreams. Thank you for your encouraging words. I would love to be even more informed about what you have had to do to keep going. Each day I wake up aching to do and be more I'm only 24 years old but I know God has sooooooo very much for me to do and the longer I'm not there the more I feel the burden. I love you for the man of God and encouragement you are. It may be a long shot but I would love to have you as a mentor. My mom always told me nothing hurts a failure but the lack of trying. SO, here I am putting it all out there I am trying Tyler Perry would you Please serve as my mentor? I just want to achieve what God says I have in me and I will regardless. I know you are busy and I understand that but I can guarantee that I am the Hardest worker you have ever seen! I will do whatever you say. Before the Summer concludes I will be putting on my first show, if you have a moment please put it in your prayers. I know i'm everywhere. Thank you for all of your time! Thank you for speaking to this frustrated dreamer! God bless and continue to be what He has made you! Sincerely, Frustrated Dreamer-Jewel

  • Melissa Jackson Kernersville, NC

    Just like a sermon sometimes... you feel like a message is just for you and you only! LOL Then I get on here and see all these myriad messages from people who feel the same. Great people like you and me. This message has put a fire in me. I needed to read this. I've felt like I'm misunderstood and have been tired of people trying to encourage me to continue teaching. I do not like it. I love the students but it is not me. I didn't go to school for it but have been working the job because I have to BUT I have stories and dreams and I have to go after them.

  • Eddie Maryland

    I really needed that message this week. I saw you on OWN Sunday and was so moved that I had to get a message to you. B/c I am CEO of Land Shark Studios, LLC a small movie studio based out of MD. I just wanted you to know that you inspired me to open my own studio and make my own movies. I need you to know that you won't be the only one forever . I'm coming to help with some of the heavy lifting for our people. Like you I will tell my stories and I'm not going to ever give up. Thanks for being you so I can be me.

  • ahcila Indianapolis, IN

    I've read all the comments about going to work, tired about going, not wanting to go and asking God to make your dreams come true and knowing that everything happens for a reason. I'm a believer in all the comments that I've read here today and I'm a believer in it all. I'd just like to say. . .be very, very careful what you ask for. I remember sitting at work saying those very same things. . .oh God, why do I have to be here, and wanting to be some place else. Well, at the age of 34, after giving birth to my second child, I was at my DREAM job, at one of the best companys one could work for. I suffered an aneurysm. A blood clot was removed from my brain. I was blind and paralyzed, and was put into a nursing home for rehab afterwards. I guess God said. . .you finish the sentence. I've been on disability now for 19 years. As you can see, I'm typing this comment. I was a secretary for 20 years before then. God found favor in me and he allowed for my eyesight to return, and I'm walking just fine now. I'm receiving disability Social Security income, which is not much money, but is enough for my husband and I to make ends meet. God is good, but just be careful what you ask for and and complain wisely and be specific. God made sure I was able to raise my children and that my quality of life was substantial and I'm grateful for that! He'll never give you more than you can handle and he'll always, always provide you with what you need. If you have more. . .GIVE IT BACK!!!! Godspeed :)

    • miss church girl #1834627

      I know exactly what you're saying. In order to live, experience, and walk in your dreams you must and have to go through something. We have kind of similar stories. Sometimes folks want it quick, but it will come and happen in God's time. Plus, a person has to prepare for it, keep working at it, be humble, and stay ready. And when the door opens, walk into it!

  • AKF Charlotte, NC

    Court date for home foreclosure is in the am. I get up every single day and do this job in sales. Cant really say that I hate it because I love people and really enjoy helping people. But what I can say is having periods of time without a paycheck is hard, especially when you get up everyday and put in the same amount of time and energy. What I know, is that the God we serve is no respector of persons. And I believe, that what he has done for you, (turning your life around 100 fold) he will do for me. Keep sharing your story. I never tire of hearing it! It keeps me going. Literally. Thank you for being so transparent. It means more than you'll ever know. " I would have fainted had I not hoped to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living" Keep on keepin' on. The Frustrated Dreamer

  • Rahel Dallas(TX)

    Dear Tyler. I am not sure you can email me or call me to answer this question. How do i suppose to PRAY? Well i believe i am a good believer. When i told people i have a dream I will meet one day Oprah and Tyler they all think i am fulish and crazy. Deeply from my heart i know that day will come. Me personally and my two precious boy always pray for me. So far it did not happen but i believe one day will happen. As any child i had a dream to be an Actor i ask God one day just for one movie or drama to fulfill my dream just to comeplete mylife. To be honest i am not furstrated becasue i am alive and thankful. Going through with some disasaster in my life change my attitude towards life. To see the daylight we all should celebrate and be thankful! Please make me meet you and Oprah one day and make my dream come true and show those NOT BELIEVER anything will possible in GOD!

  • Mark R Moss sicklerville nj 08081


  • Janet Brooklyn, NY

    Read this article and shared it with everyone that would listen. This couldn't have come any sooner, at the point of giving up but God sent a Word. Keep doing what you were created to do. You are certainly a blessing to the masses.

  • Karen Nova Providence RI

    I pray for divine protection upon you and your family; May the Lord continue to guide you in every area, every step that you take and continue to bless and prosper your soul as you prosper in all spiritual things- in Jesus name!!!!!!!

  • Mark r Moss sicklerville nj 08081

    Gdmorning Mr Ty how you doing just saying hi and wishing i was there with you all working i know a lot of peeple ask you this and im just another 1 but im special i know it cause God told me and i feel you will contact me 1 of these days i pray ;)) but have a gd day n stay Blessed!!


    Hi Mr. Perry, I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day! A Friendly FYI: Could you please put the "r" in Oprah's SUPRISE Visit on your Behind the Scenes video? Thanks. I just looked at it and I wished I was there. I pray one day I can be apart of your team/family. Congratulations on you and Oprah's business "merger" or "marriage"! Just what you both needed - perfect! Please add the new shows to local stations, since I don't have cable. I hate to miss your work. Later, Your Sister in Christ Jesus :-)

  • Mark R Moss sicklerville nj 08081


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