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Don't Stay Too Long

I haven't written in a while so this is a little long, but it's so worth your time to read.

I was in Wyoming recently and I was taking in the beauty of the place. I mean, I love it. As I was looking up at the mountains I saw an eagle flying above me. I had to stop and take in its majestic beauty. I had never seen a real life eagle. All I had heard about an eagle was in church when the pastor said that the eagle pushes its young out of the nest to teach it to fly. It really did move me watching this bird that had no doubt been pushed out of the nest and had learned to do what I was watching it do.

I got back to the cabin that evening and I started doing some research on eagles. I was so excited to read the story of how it learned to fly. Well, to my surprise, eagles pushing their young out of the nest is a myth. I was shocked. I know that I heard a preacher say that in church… now I ain't gonna say that that pastor lied but I will say he didn’t do the research… LOL. So I did it on my own. I did find some interesting facts that got me thinking about life… mine and yours. It's funny how God can speak through everything. Here’s what I found.

Eagles build the biggest nest of all birds. It’s huge, comfortable and deep. One of the most interesting things that I found was the way that the eagle gets its young chicks to fly out of the nest. For many weeks it brings food to the nest. The little eagles have no worries, they have all they need to survive. But when the adult eagle deems that it's time for the young eagles to fly, things get uncomfortable.

Now the young eagle doesn’t know that it's time to fly, but the wisdom and the bird’s eye view of the mother knows that it's time for the chicks to leave the nest. So you know what she does? She doesn’t bring food to the babies anymore, and this is what I found fascinating. Many times she will fly around the nest with the food in her beak so that the young eagles will be tempted or so hungry that they are forced to fly out of the nest and take it out of her beak. Stay with me I’m going somewhere here.

As I thought about this, I thought about my life and how many times I was in a very comfortable space. I had all I needed. There was no need for me to go any further because I was comortable. I wanted to stay there forever. You have to be careful when you get comfortable and stay too long. It’s easy to stop dreaming when your belly is full. You won’t feel the need to fly at all.

The truth is, as long as I was there in that really comfortable space, I wasn’t fulfilling my own destiny or my purpose. I wasn’t flying, I was content. Remember this, your greatest prayers are not usually answered in comfort. Think about it. I can really get deep into this with stories from my past but you’re probably tired of reading already… LOL… so I'll try and wrap it up.

It took an uncomfortable situation or being hungry to make me get out and fly. Many times in life things are going well, but then everything that was so great changes and we wonder why. We wonder what happened. We are caught off guard. I am of the opinion that in those times God, who knows when it’s time for us to leave the nest, is allowing it to become uncomfortable so that we can move on to our next mission in life. Our next hope, our next dream, our next level.

After not realizing this for many years and resisting changes and going through hell, I’m glad to say that I have become so sensitive to when it's time to move that I will move without having to have the turmoil. I’m telling you I was so stubborn that the house had to burn down for me to move. Now I know better. I’m aware of when it starts to happen, like things happen that don’t make any sense. People you have been friends with or in business with or otherwise for years just seem to go crazy and you don’t know why. What I’ve learned in those moments is that it is a time to fly. Business changes, jobs go away, friends break your heart, marriages end, relationships end, and most times all these things are signs that it’s time to take flight to your next level.

Nobody likes change, I get it, but don’t be angry or bitter when things change. Don’t be mad with people, especially when you know you did right by them and you did all you could do for the friendship or relationship. I’m sorry to tell you this my friend, but this moment was not about them it was all about you. I’m telling you if God has allowed you to become so uncomfortable in your situation, whatever it is, then its time for you to move! Don’t be afraid, just fly!

Last thing and then I’m done . there is one part of the eagle story that I haven’t told you yet, and this is my favorite part. If those baby eagles get out of the nest and they are trying to fly and it’s not going well, then that same mother bird that provided for them while they were in the nest, that same eagle will fly under the baby eagle to keep it from falling, to keep it on course, and give it a sense of security. God’s got you, don’t be afraid! He won't let you fall!

Now here's the question: what situation in your life has become so uncomfortable that you feel like you're being starved for what you need? Maybe its God’s way of telling you it’s time to fly! It's time to fly for your own dreams and your own hopes and goals. Fly for true love and real hope. This is your moment to fly, in 2014. Make this the year that you leave the nest without fear.

Talk to me, I'm listening.


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  • LaToya

    Hello Mr. Perry I loved this story. I don't have much to say other than I will keep this story in mind. Thank you

  • Dymen Milwaukee,Wi

    Hi Tyler Perry, I think I am your biggest fan ever, and I'm only 14 years old. Your movies and plays inspire me so much! I think you are an amazing person. And I just wanted to say I really loved "Madea's Neighbor From Hell" it was fantastic . I didn't want anything major just to stop by and tell you how you inspire me and how much I love you and your work. Keep doing what you do because you are doing a fantastic job.

  • Anthony Atlanta

    Mr. Perry, Thank you for writing and posting this story. I feel like it was meant for me. I guess I may have been living in a comfort zone and God is forcing me to a new level. I was engaged to be married in July of this year and we decided to live in Atlanta, so I transferred my job of sixteen years from Cleveland to Atlanta. During my transition to Atlanta my sons's mother tells me she can no longer take care of our sons even with my help and ask me to take them. I of course said yes, because they are my sons. In the interim of the job change and getting my sons, my fiancé leaves and we and the wedding are off. On top of all of this I have a not too friendly boss and I'm terminated from my job of sixteen years after 8 months of moving to Atlanta. Tyler, you are so right change is very uncomfortable, but sometime it is so needed. I'm gonna take this opportunity to hear from God and hopefully redesign my life the way I would like it to be. Signed, Embracing The Change!!


    Are you a mind reader, too? Thanks.

  • olasubomi nigeria

    Hello Mr Perry. This is my first time reading your write and I feel you are talking about me. I have gotten used to a life pattern ans now its becoming hard to keep up. I know its God trying to make me uncomfortable....so I can move or fly (so to speak) But I'm scared. I don't want my friends to see my as spiritual or Godly and leave me. I'm still very young and wanna flex my muscles.

  • Deborah Suitland, MD

    Good afternoon Mr. Perry. This is the second writing of yours that I have read that has shed great light on a present day situation! OMG! God is AWESOME, GOD IS AWESOME! Keep on doing what you do. (Enjoying the ordained WORD coming out of your mouth.)

  • Jackie Chicago

    Tyler Perry, you have done it again!!! I just saw H*** Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned here in Chicago a few hours ago. I was about to post a comment when I read your eagle story. It reminded me of Ms. Hattie giving Anita "free advice" that she learned the hard way. She guided her baby eagle that had fallen back up to fly again. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, it's about picking yourself up. The messages I receive from your works are profound. They help to enhance what I've learned in life: Just as he'll let you know when it's time to fly or move, he'll also let you know when you need to BE STILL. Someone once told me "It is better to know God and not need him, than to need him and not know him. Aren't you glad you know him? Thanks also for the reinforcement of the power of Forgiveness. It definitely brings closure for the forgiver. Also on the importance of holding on to your Faith. Sometimes, that's all you have to see you through. Keep up the Good Work and may your light continue to shine brightly Always. God Is Good All The Time And All The Time God Is Good!!!!!

  • Linda Lee Atlanta

    I just finished typing a huge message to you and it wouldn't post, so I kept reading...here I found your eagle story....thank you for the thoughtful story. I've been uncomfortable for two years with random waves of constant challenges....I pray,...on my knees begging god for help. I am one of those baby eagles falling and I can see the ground. When does god intervene or in this case momma bird?

  • Melissa Horton Atlantan

    Tyler, You have taught me more than any human being on earth (except maybe the Apostle Paul)- and it has brought alot of healing. God always speaks directly through you and just in time. Relevant doesn't even say it. To move, I have to wait until the house is burned even after the police have arrived. So, you inspired me to pray that I will be able to move on, forward, whatever the situation calls for, without the frustration. I am grateful for you, praying for you (your betterment, your freedom, your seeking of the Lord, your dreams fulfilled), I trust you, and I appreciate that I am living in the Times that you are here. As always, Melissa

  • Jeana James Milwaukee, WI

    Mr. Tyler Perry-- Ahhhhhh! What a refreshing story! Birds happen to be my favorite animal. I own an all white ring neck domestic Dove that I named Pepe...LOL! I love having him as a pet--he reminds me of the scripture in the Bible where it says that The Lord even loves the flock of the air, so surely he must loves us much more!!! And so I love this bird, and nurture and him, just as The Lord does for us. So--the fact that the eagle amazed you made me very happy! And I am pleased to know we have some things in common. I am a lifelong learner and I have a constant thirst for knowledge--So when I don't understand something or I am curious about something I immediately take to research! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I send you all my love.

  • Marian MD

    TeaPea, Wyoming? Wow! You are so fortunate. To be able to travel - to go WHEREVER you want to go anytime you want to go! That's awesome! Enjoy the opportunities. You've worked for them. Maybe one day I'll be able to do some traveling. Take care, and enjoy your day. your sister M.

  • M. Maryland

    Hey TeaPea! I'm back! Never left you, just been extra busy, preoccupied, etc. You understand. finding another job -- that's probably one of the main things. I'm so NOT doing what I really want to do. I would be in the ARTS if I had pursued my passion. But ... . I can't chat with you now. I hope that you have been doing good. Take care. your sister M.

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