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Don't Let Anybody Define You!

I live my life outside of the box because when I die they're going to put me into one!

Many times in this life, people will try to tell you what you can and cannot do. They will also try to tell you who you are and who you are not. DON’T LET ANYBODY DEFINE YOU! When I was a kid, I had a teacher tell me that I would never be a millionaire because I was black and the system was set up to keep me down. This was a TEACHER! Can you believe that? I’m so glad that my little boy mind didn’t accept that. I have often been told that I wouldn’t make it because I was poor or because of the color of my skin. I had family members tell me I would never make it and my dreams would never come true for one reason or another... boy were they wrong. If I had listened to any of those voices I wouldn’t be here writing this to you. Hear me when I say this to you: no matter what anyone says to you, LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Follow that still small voice inside of you. That is GOD’s Holy Spirit and I think we all have the capacity to hear that voice. We just need to still ourselves to hear it. You must silence all the outside voices in order to hear THE voice. I try to stay as clear as I can so that I can hear it. It’s not always easy, but necessary.
This is your life. Make decisions based on your own path. Let no one define it for you!

If you live the life everyone else wants you to live and you never live the life you want to live, then are you really living??
Life is so short... Live it to the fullest!!
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  • Jannifer Reese atlanta

    Tyler I don't know what to do, I just finished writing a book/movie of my life and it has some great events in it, I have copyrighted; I'm in the process of publishing it now. This book talks about two children whom, have been raised in an urban area with a single parent who has internal issues, the parent results to abuse of the children in so many areas. God steps in naturally and supernaturally, several times in the children lives, to protect them, and now he have one of them telling the story about how people with low self esteem, self worth can do damage in the name of love. He also have me discribe the power of reinventing yourself, and the true love of the father, and if you don't know how to love yourself you can't love your children or anyone else and you hurt people closest to you and you cause damage to them without meaning too. This book is also a self help book for abused people and the abusers themselves, it gives steps to come out of the abuse.

    • demetrice stancill houston #1764069

      this book sounds really interesting where to you find it.

  • Von N Wisconsin

    Tyler, that first line hit me in my thoat (in my best Madea voice) towards the end " if you live the life everyone wants you to live an you never live the life you want to live, then are you really living? " this spoke very audibly to me cause thus here I sit at that very cross road in my life. Thank you for sharing...Life is very short with out adding help of stress the silent one that will wreck havoc in your life if you let it.

  • valerie boston,ma

    Your words are so true to the fullest and very inspirational. I hope that all who read them understand them to the fullest. GOD bless you Mr. Perry .

  • Katrina Baskin Boston

    I hear your message and I allowed many voices define me and lived as someone that has no identity. I lived for my as a wife and mother and One of Jehovah's Witness. Now that I'm divorced and no longer going to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness. I'm trying to build a relationship with God. I'm still feeling lost and looking to accessed. Looking for another man to define me. I continue to go to church to reaching, seeking and wanting to feel what everyone else feels. I want God to be real to me. After the teaching of Jehovah's Witness, I have a hard to identifying who God is. I'm stuff and can't seem to find any answers. I have no desires and the only joy I get is working out/jogging and walking. But most being a mother and getting the reward of my daughter accomplishments. I pray I will find my self before my end

    • Bongi Jhb, South Africa #1766194

      Oh Katrina... I can relate, I grew up in the "truth" married out of - divorced and re married now but I sometimes feel empty because I feel I try so hard to do 'what is expected of me'. I feel so sad sometimes to the point of I don't find anything or accomplishment fullfilling anymore. I really hope to find my purpose soon before I dive deep into state of total depression. I feel u Sista...

    • derder #2081376

      Hey I know you feel.lost but he said in one of the script the holy spirit guide how can you allow the hotspot guide you without any guidance? How can you live the life you want knowing that we need jehovah guidance the the bible to help us yes you will feel lost cause deep inside you know Jehovah is the only true God and you know he is the truth people say live the life of your own will but the bible says don't lean on your own understanding remember when the new system come you will bee able to live the life on your own but read the bible you know that I it's the truth have a good day

  • Shameka Smith Maryland

    Tyler, Let me first say I love you! I loved Alex Cross! My favorite part was when your wife was shot and you used your palm to stop the blood flow! Madea makes me laugh, but I love seeing the masculine side of Tyler. It leaves me "hot and bothered". Secondly,,,I jus saw the interview you did on OWN. Proud of you! You were vulnerable and I can relate to your words. I'm a writer myself! I took a creative writing class a semester ago & wrote a short story in the form of a script called The Journey. Its about a gentlemen whose mother develops MS and in the process he meets the love of his life, is reunited with his father and learns a valuable life lesson. I'm gonna send it to you one day when its copyright. I was gonna have you turn it into a movie for me. I appreciate your gift sir! Keep writing! I also write poems and can totally understand how you use writing to escape! I write poems too! Can't wait for your next movie starring YOU!

  • Katrina L. Harris Richards Chicago

    Mr. Perry the messege you wrote regarding don't let anyone define you, I really enjoyed your response. My theory is you have a variety of individuals in this world and I would name three groups. (1.) We have God whom is the head of our lives. With God anything is possible. (2.) you have people who will be in your corner with encouraging and positive statements that makes you feel good about yourself. (3.) There is also the individual who always speaks negatively about you no matter how straight and positively you walk. I encourage my grandchildren to follow there dreams. I also encourage these young individuals who attends college and want to excel in life. I enjoy reading and writing and I am an inspiration to myself with God by my side. I know I can achieve because I believe with God in my heart and mind. You are not the only one who has heard negative remarks from a teacher. I had a few favortism teachers, and I know you are speaking the truth. May God continue to bless you throughout your life with your accomplishments and achievements . You continue your dreams Mr. Perry.

  • Rick McKinney

    It looks as if the link and other info did not appear in my last message. Please google it or go on youtube "vote obama by west coast ed". Tons of people have had positive comments "loved it..." Thanks again, Rick

  • Dr Rick McKinney Hesperia ca

    Dear Mr Perry I hope this message finds you well. I am an Obama supporter. I believe a vote for Obama is a vote for our future. I am writing you because I wrote a song and produced a video (now on youtube) to share this message. I am looking for individuals who will help push President Obama's / our message as told in this song. Please take a few minutes to listen to and watch the video. The link to the video on youtube is Please send me a confirmation email to let me know you got this. Attached are documents on my background. You can reach me at Thanks and God bless you Dr. Rick McKinney Jr.

  • Michelle Julia Kerekes Oshawa, Ontario CANADA

    Because I can... Dear Tyler and readers, I am responding to this thread because your words are indeed powerful. And collectively our words can be life changing. On December 21, 2011 I embarked on an incredible journey. I finally took control over my life and went forward in love and light for surgery. I had the procedure known as gastric-by-pass. And let me tell you I struggled. I struggled hard, listening to my inner voice telling me that I am a creation of GOD and that I was tampering with his work. I struggled with the thought that I was potentially walking my last mile. However, weighing in at 435 lbs I logically recognized that I was fighting a battle that I was not winning. And it was only a matter of time that my journey was to conclude. That or suffer continuously and who knows what else. I shiver when I think about that. However, my point. After surgery it was discovered that internally all my organs were long. I was fighting a battle I was never going to win. My old stomach was like a fine tuned conveyer belt that never allowed me to feel full and consume massive amounts of calories. Hence the struggle with obesity. They contributed my long organs to my height (I'm 5'10"). But here's the thing. for years I secretly wished to be able to walk into any store and purchase any top or pants. Eat a normal portion size. Or just walk around in no pain. Go jogging. My GOD....Living!!!! For years I lived a very reclusive life because I was a prisoner in my own body. For years I stated that I didn't have a barometer like everyone else. Which in the end, it was proven correct. I am here today proud as a peacock to share I'm down 151 lbs in ten months and still losing strong. Life I am learning is not about limiting yourself. Instead allow limits to present themselves and move through them. I'm still on my journey of greatness....*writing this with a huge twinkle in my beautiful green eyes*. So why am I sharing this? Well it's simple, what better place to share this with the world? How many of us struggle with fears, health concerns, family concerns, work concerns and bottom-line life concerns? I'm banking dollar to donuts we all have some sort of obstacles to overcome. Here's the key. And I'm giving you Tyler's readers pearls of wisdom here. Be progressive, be your own advocate and never settle for no. I mean it. Do you think Tyler ever settled for the answer no!? I'm banking - not a chance in hell. From where he started (I've goggled) and how far he has gotten....it's his mentality and drive of moving forward that is key. And he's right! Life is to short and far to precious to waste! And another secret....we do not get a refund when we move on. So live your life proud, live it loud, embrace your loved ones, make wise choices for yourself and above all else....love YOU for the remarkable and beautiful creature you are. ((((HUGS to the world))))

  • OCTAVIA EARL atlanta ga

    Screaming screaming i need help need to get out of this house i am tired of this life that i been living in for 11 years. my name is octavia i am 40 years old with 7 kids 4 of mine 3 of my siblings we move hear from ill. i live with a monster that had my head for years and now i builded up my fears and want to get out. mind me move here because my kids has a dream of fame. also this is my dream state have no family hear and do not want to go back home. i am a very batter women . called so many shelter but they do not have any room for all 7 of us. i am scared my kids is scared to. the police haven't helped me in the past i feel like they will just let the monster back out. right know we live in a house that he bought. he told me that me and my 7 kids has to leave on nov. 1 , I have income and it comes on the 3 rd of each mouth. my baby get ssi because he was born with a grade 4 brain bleed . please it is more to the story will explain more if need it. but me and my kids need your help if you can. if not i will understand. just a ear will work to . i am scared that he is going to kill me or hurt me bad . or i will be in jail and someone else will raise my kids

  • Sherry Imoro United States

    Hi it's me again! Question to ask of you; I grew up in Edison Georgia, a small town in Calhoun Ga. We use to own a home there til family arguments bickering over who shall have and not. Now the house is torn down, the deeds are in the hand of the family of one side but here is the issue. It's all build up with bushes, looks like a small forest! I wanted to move back home, clean it up. but a home back there and start living all over again there. Only it can't because of again fear that it could all be taken from me because of the not so tight-nit family. Oh I am allowed to clean off the land and put a trailer there to live in but nothing would stop them from taking over if they want to because it depends on who holds the deeds yet the land is not being used at all. Need help with what to do

  • Sherry Imoro United States

    Hi Mr. Tyler, I've read your material on Don't let any one define you and it was great! Although I heard and felt this need to over come my fears of rejection, I was thinking with age (56) now it is more difficult to complete my dreams. I know you can't tell me what to do but your advice in most appreciated. I have a few discoveries I would like to display but I was afraid some one would tell me oh this is not a good invention all the more to grab at it and run with my program. So a few words from you in this area may be what I'd need to hear to further my plans and not feel pre -rejected Thanks for reading our comments. Sherry

    • Sherry Imoro Fall River Mass 02724 #1977882

      Mr. Tyler, I understand very highly that you are a very busy man. But I was hoping to get a period or smile or dot from you sir. I did have some to talk about back then. but now new info has come to my attention I do wish there were ways that we could reach people such as your self

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