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Don't Let Anybody Define You!

I live my life outside of the box because when I die they're going to put me into one!

Many times in this life, people will try to tell you what you can and cannot do. They will also try to tell you who you are and who you are not. DON’T LET ANYBODY DEFINE YOU! When I was a kid, I had a teacher tell me that I would never be a millionaire because I was black and the system was set up to keep me down. This was a TEACHER! Can you believe that? I’m so glad that my little boy mind didn’t accept that. I have often been told that I wouldn’t make it because I was poor or because of the color of my skin. I had family members tell me I would never make it and my dreams would never come true for one reason or another... boy were they wrong. If I had listened to any of those voices I wouldn’t be here writing this to you. Hear me when I say this to you: no matter what anyone says to you, LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Follow that still small voice inside of you. That is GOD’s Holy Spirit and I think we all have the capacity to hear that voice. We just need to still ourselves to hear it. You must silence all the outside voices in order to hear THE voice. I try to stay as clear as I can so that I can hear it. It’s not always easy, but necessary.
This is your life. Make decisions based on your own path. Let no one define it for you!

If you live the life everyone else wants you to live and you never live the life you want to live, then are you really living??
Life is so short... Live it to the fullest!!
Tell me what your life’s dreams are. Talk to me on the message board at tylerperry.com/talk


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  • Sandra Gaines Chesterfield,Va. 23832

    Hi Tyler, Thanks for all you do. I thank God for his Blessings he has bestowed upon you to share with us Thank You. Thank You. Tyler, my son Darian is 22 years old. He has one more month at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida. He is studying recoding arts and production. Tyler, he has big dreams, he's passionate, he loves what heroes. If at all possible could you help him or introduce someone to him that's willing to take him under their wing and help him get started. I know this is a very difficult field but I know he can make it, he just need some help from some good people. Darian is a good kid, he has no record, he has always worked and worked hard from about 16 years old. He needs help, Please help him Tyler. Love You Much.

  • rachel St. Louis

    One of my many dreams is to meet you Mr. Perry and establish a mentor/ mentee relationship. I admire you as a God fearing man and businessman. Please write me back. -Rachel Ligon-

  • mrs gwenwilliams indianapolis

    wow well if this didn't frey these women out here nothingwill ok; so now this a good messagend ow I loved it I did well idon't blame you live life for it might take it ; youright life is too shortandso okwell these pretty youngwomen needa message out here every man just like a h* ok ;well she got her message ok had a good man some girls cant see pass there noises ok; I got wisdom ok; so okwell ,now well I don't think these young ladies think oh he is this andall that and not even a box of worms ok; thanks for that lovely message to all women around th world the men with aids do't even tell you well ima lucky very Blessed andso youwill and be too I know you are blessed and so I hope it ia part two ok; now wow well, now I loved your message theres old nasty women outhereand these old nasty men too so okwell , thanks that was good anso okwell ok; have ablessed Easter andso go and write some more ; ok; tahnk;s easter time is agood message ok wow ;

  • Lady Tee Little Rock, Arkansas

    Living my life will entail me I am just thankful to have reach the point in which I can begin to live my life. Curve balls have been thrown by many, but by God's grace and mercy; I have been able to maintain. I don't have a lot of money, yet I do not give up on the things in which the Lord has promised. I want to walk in the abundance as promised by God and my dream trip is to one day enjoy a week in Hawaii and France. Be blessed!!!

  • Sandra Ocala

    Thanks for your story. As a Hispanic professional woman and having Spanish as first language, I listen to my students and wonder what kind of words they are fed in their homes. Most of my little ones comes from family who has come to this wonderful country to find their own unique dreams. So it is my job to help them see themselves not only as how their family sees them but who do I want to be. I may sound like broken record but every time I have the chance I tell them how wonderful you are, you are so smart, you are special because you know Spanish and learning English, you can be anything and everything you decide to be. It is important for me to help build their self esteem and self confidence. So I guess I will be using your story to help my amazing wonderful, super special student learn that life is full of wonderful possibilities, it's your choice to your which path to take. Thanks you so much. = )

  • Pauline Boston

    I am posting this post because I am hoping that I can get some help from Mr. Perry for my family and I. My Ex- husband took away my son from me about a month ago. I have been going to court to try and get my son back home and nothing seems to be working. My ex took him away because he doesn't want to pay child support anymore. He doesn't want to take care of his children anymore so that is why he is doing t his to me. I don't know what more to do and this is the final solution I have. I am hoping that Mr. Perry can help me find a lawyer to help me get my family back. I miss my baby so much and I can't live without him. Please Mr. Perry I am asking that you help me.

  • Jannell Ehiawaguan Kansas City, MO

    I want to be a successful child psychologist. I want to own to homes in Manhattan, New York and Santa Barbara California, KC is not for me, or be a small town Texan some where. My grandmother had two degrees and she used to tell if you get one you will feel so liberated. I am currently in school right now, a CC but I am not giving up. Sometimes I want to give up, but I know that if she made it, then I can make it as well. When I decided to return back to school, I really didn't have the people I thought would be in my corner there. I have no anger or malice towards them, I just take all of their strife and apply it to my strength (schooling). When He says "There is life and death in the power of the tounge", He means that. I preaching over myself day and night. I feel that the world is ordinary, but the people in it or extraordinary. Have you ever heard I am to legit to quit, well I am to prepared (renewed mind) to stop now. Hey maybe one day you can do a movie about college kids chasing down their dreams. I'm chasing. Have a good one -Jannell Ehiawaguan P.S That word "Chasing" for me, mean ongoing.

  • Muyiwa E Taiwo 1049 Hartman Lane Far Rockaway Queens New York

    Hi Tyler my name is Muyiwa Taiwo from Africa but living in New York now since 2009.I write and i have got one fantastic script i just finished , its very inspiring and the style of the writing is different but i just need someone with experience to see the script for me

  • Donald Clair St.louis,Mo.

    Mr.Perry if possible could you leave your contact info.

  • Donald Clair St.louis,Mo.63033

    Hello Mr.Perry,God created us to be a blessing to each other.I 'm an entertainer & I like to here different peoples stories for a testimony because it makes us stronger. I thank God for you because Hollywood turned you but you believed in yourself,I commend you. I"ve been going through hardship and its been devasting but Im still trying to hold on. I hope i get a chance to meet you or work with you. Pray 4 me & Ill pray 4 you. D .C God Bless

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