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Christmas, A Dog and Brown

Hey there,

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are doing well and not too stressed about this holiday season. I'll tell you what I did this year. Instead of buying gifts for my family and friends, I took the money that I would have spent on them and bought Christmas gifts for a lot of foster kids and other children in shelters. I was so proud of my family. They were so encouraging of this from the youngest to the oldest. So that made me feel good. And I gotta tell you these beautiful children were so happy that someone cared. It really moved me.

So listen, if you can't afford to buy things this Christmas remember this, "THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE YOU ANYWAY!" So don't stress. And if it's children you would be surprised what children understand once it's explained to them in detail. So try to have a stress free Christmas. Okay? Christmas is not about gifts. It's about the coming of the Savior to the world. I don't know where all this gift giving stuff came from anyway.

Did I tell you I got another dog? YES I DID! Now, I know some of you are worried for the dog after my little Judah experience. You remember little Judah the puppy that wore me out and I returned the next day? Well, Judah is in a great home in Arizona. That cute little Judah taught me that I don't have the patience to train a puppy. So this time, I got a German Shepherd who is two years old and already trained. He's changed my life! I am officially a man who loves dogs now. Who would have thought it? Me, a man that loves to have a quiet and empty house, now has a barking dog that follows me all over the house. Maybe he's preparing me for a family. His name is Aldo. You should have told me that dogs were so amazing. He is so smart. He's soooo smart!

Just a little business for a second, the HOUSE OF PAYNE's ratings have been through the roof. So, thank you so much for watching! The new episodes on TBS are going to blow your mind. This season Calvin and Maranda are going to go through some things that soooo many married couples will be able to relate to. Just wait! You are going to blow up the message board. I'm so proud of how far this show has come. 'Cause y'all remember the beginning. (LOL) Also starting January 7th, MEET THE BROWNS will start to air on TBS on Wednesday nights. I mean to make you laugh so hard with this show that you forget about the ecomony!

We all need a laugh at this time and I know this show will make you laugh 'til you hurt. Last thing for today. I know this time may be a little stressful for some of you. So, I waited until today to put the trailer up for MADEA GOES TO JAIL.

You wanna get a quick laugh, CLICK HERE

Love ya,



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  • M.H

    Where are you?

  • M.H

    I don't trap nobody in. I give gifts and get the h.e.l.l own!! People that gives me stuff, traps me. I detest that Perry!!!! Have you seen me today? ? How do you feel? That quilt gets me everytime.

  • Tell

    Aldo hi for me. I love you, and I love him, too. :)

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