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Can You Believe This!

I always like to go back and reflect every now and then...

HOUSE OF PAYNE just celebrated its 210th episode.  Can you believe that? I tell you, this show was built on a wing and a prayer. It was, and is, truly a miracle. How it got on the air and how it became the number one show among African-American households is a blessing to the hundredth degree. One day I will write this entire story, so that you can read how this happened, it really is inspiring.  What a leap of faith it was!

I decided the other day to go back and look at some of the early reviews of the show.  The one that stuck out the most was a headline that read, "THIS SHOW WILL NEVER MAKE IT!"  Where is the person who wrote that?  Isn't it interesting how some people can only speak negativity? I think they would have a stroke before they would admit they were wrong.  People who can't live in balance are sad to me.  Anyway, we knew it would make it and so did you! Let this be a lesson for your own dreams. Don't worry about people telling you what you can't do. If God has said you will do it--just go in faith... (I just preached...LOL)

Let me just put this in perspective for you. HOUSE OF PAYNE has done more episodes than GOOD TIMES, more episodes than SANFORD AND SON, and even more episodes than THE COSBY SHOW. THE JEFFERSONS is the only show of this genre to have more episodes. Ella and Curtis are running a close second to George and Weezie.  (smile)

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, last week on TBS, HOUSE OF PAYNE returned with all new episodes! I wanted to let you know because me being a fan of the show myself and being a fan of TBS, our home station, I know that finding new episodes can be a little confusing. I have received thousands of messages on my message board and Facebook page about how this show is aired, new episodes one week and reruns the next.  I've gotten complaints about how the time changed without notice, and I hear your frustrations. Just know that TBS and I both know how important consistency is to maintaining an audience. To think that you keep finding this show and sending the ratings through the roof is a blessing.  Your loyalty and commitment to HOUSE OF PAYNE has been tremendous. We do not take that for granted. 



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  • M.H

    If we could play music while going through trials..., at least I would now when something good is about to happen cause the music will change..

  • m.h

    You have a wonderful mind. Your dreams are good dreams. Enjoy you day.

  • Praise God!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you and the studio. God bless you! I LOVE YOU!

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