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43 Years Ago Today

43 years ago today I made my debut into the world. Who could have known? WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN!? Parents, you never know who you're raising. The child that you delivered may one day have to deliver you.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!


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  • Denise Diamond NY

    Birthday Blessings to you always, Mr. Tyler Perry! --Enjoy to the Fullest!

  • Shay Hamidou United States

    Hey TY .. Almost midnight my time so technically it is still your birthday :) ... Of course I had to stop by to just let you know that you are always on my mind and I am so happy that you had a good day today! (I am sure that you did even though you did not say so yet) My nephew turned 15 yrs old today also and he and I were talking about you earlier.He said that hopefully when he turns 43 he would be a successful Pro-Football Player. I told him that anything was possible and I am living proof of that. I told him to not worry about his life in 30 yrs but to just go and play the best game ever with the team today. He is in 10th grade in highschool and today was the first game that his team won in2 yrs. Oh my goodness he was so happy. At the end of the game as they was headed to the locker room he ran to the fence and he said "Hey auntie ... you were right .... we did it!" The look on his face was like .... Christmas morning! ... I just wanted to share that with you and our online family here. I do wish you a happy birthday and I know that my heavenly father will continue to bless you and keep you safe, after all, as I tell my daughter each day "We are blessed because we are God's favorite!" ... Take care you!

  • Babigirl Princeville,N.C.27886

    Happy Birthday Tyler,...My 19yrs old daughter has been in intensive care for 18 days now!!! And she has an 8mos old baby girl.....As God allow me to continue to stay up here with her and her 8mos old has been here with me also!!!...For Jesus said," that he will be our doctor on our sick bed and i am waiting for doctor Jesus to complete the HEALING!!!...I'm sending Birthday Blessings too you Tyler!!!...Be Blessed Ty!!!

  • Ethel TTaylor Manchester NJ

    Happy Birthday & God Bless

  • Marlene New York

    Tyler, happy birthday and may you have many more to come. We love your great work--what a gift you have.

  • Diane Fresno, CA

    Happy Bday to u..The Lord has bless u to c another day. We Thank God for u and your hard work on ur movies, and plays as well as ur TV series. I appreciate u. Enjoy urself cUse u deserve to take time to celebrate. Happy Birthday.

  • AnnaD NYC

    Happy Happy Birthday God bless :)

  • Lorraine Riverside, CA

    Hello Tyler, a Happy Blessed Birthday to you!! Continued blessings to a remarkable man. I am honored to be able to wish you a happy birthday on your special day. Thank you for all that you have done and I pray for continued success for all that you do. Much love, peace and happiness to you.

  • Diane Decatur, GA

    Hi Tyler, Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a great day. We share the same month for our birthday, mine is 9/24. What a great month right because we were born. LOL

  • Deborah Columbus, OH

    Hapy 43rd Birthday Tyler! For some strange reasonI thought your birthday was on the 14th,wonder whereI got that from? LOL!!! Anyway wanted to add my shout out before this special day ended. Thanks for sharing your beautiful baby photo. I hope and pray that you have enjoyed your day thus far (King James Version) smile again. Gotta climb back in my hospital bed now :(

  • Tonya NY

    Happy Birthday Tyler, Wishing you 43+ more years and continued success!

  • De TX


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