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43 Years Ago Today

43 years ago today I made my debut into the world. Who could have known? WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN!? Parents, you never know who you're raising. The child that you delivered may one day have to deliver you.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!


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  • Jessica Walker Long Beach, California

    Hi Tyler me and my 2 children was at union rescue mission shelter and a lady said to me I will have to give her $100.00 or $200.00 to start a saving for me to save for my apartment so I give them the money and then when I went to see my worker for my foodstamps and cash money that goes on my foodstamps card I told my worker I give them money and he said I need to ask for my money back and I did but they did not want to give me my money back to me. So on June 24, 2012 I got into argument with a teenager and the security guard came in and stop it and me and my daughter Hasina went to bed on 6/25/2012 I took my kids to subway and when we was coming back the police was waiting for me we went insde and they handcuff me and took me to Olive view mentel health center and they took my 2 kids and put them in foster care I was at Olive view for 3 days and then I was put on a 14 day hold where the Dr. can discharge me at anytime all of this happen because I ask for my money back at union rescue mission shelter lied and said I beat my kids so they will not have to give me my money I went to court on August 13, 2012 and the judge said I can not get my kids because I have no place to live and she feel that I'am not a danger to myself so I would like to know if you would help buy me a house to live in and I can get my 2 kids out of foster care the judge dismissed the case. I forgot my court papers taht have there numbers on it so I will do that but, there names are Khalid and Hasina Hamin all I want is for you to help me get and buy a house for me and then I can get my kids back I would like to live in westhollywood, california. Please help me Tyler me and my 2 children rights was violated let me know. I do have a facebook page and twitter @jessieonly1.

  • rhonda alabama

    i wanted to wish u ahappy birthday. my god bless u with many more years love everything u do!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edwina Memphis, TN

    Hello Tyler. How are you? I'm writing you on today to wish you a very Happy Birthday!! And may you have 43 more wonderful years!! Enjoy!!

  • Karen Chicago

    "Happy Belated Birthday" Tyler, I hope that All of your wishes came true and you received all that your heart desired... May God bless you to have many many more... Gifted Man of God's. Keep up the good work that you are doing... God Bless you Always. Smooches ,Karen...

  • Liz J Jersey City, NJ

    Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Tyler Perry, May GOD keep Blessing you today and always.. Have a Blessed and Wonderful day!

  • Loraine Upper Marlboro, MD

    Happy Birthday TP, may God continue to Bless you & Keep you. Love you, love your work.

  • Maleka South Brunswick, NJ

    Happy Belated Birthday Tyler. Wishing you many more. Please continue to Bless us with your wisdom and eye opener's. And even though I don't know you, I Love you anyway.

  • Mary A. Clay Atlanta, Georgia

    Tyler, I am so sorry that I missed your Birthday yesterday, but Happy Belated Birthday To You. I pray that you had a Blessed and Wonderful Day. Take Care and Stay Blessed.

  • Brenda USA

    Missed you on your B-day.... On what kind of person am I.....definitely a ROOT.....grounded, sometimes shaken, but never MOVED. For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities ......nor things to come..............shall be able to separate us from the love of God.........(Had to look that up.....lol) Love always Brenda

  • Allyce Adams-Smith Clearwater, Florida

    "Happy Birthday!" Please enjoy your day!Your work is a blessing to us all!It has not gone unnoticed.

  • Shulamite Queen phila

    Happy birthday.....may God grant you many more

  • Sabrina Y. Tolson Maryland

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR.PERRY!! God Bless You & all that you do. I'm fabulous and 43 as well, and yes, we are getting better with age!! Keep up the great work! From 1 of your biggest fans, SYT2

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