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Program Book from the stage play Madea's Big Happy Family.
In this souvenir program book, find out more about the inspiration behind the play, your favorite cast members, and take a look back at the past five years of Tyler's dream coming to fruition. This program is also full of behind the scenes photos and commentaries from Tyler himself. Prepare to be inspired!

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  • wandawatsonjohnson newyork newyork

    Mr.Tylor you are a intellegentblackman who done it aii for his self and Im proud of you, mfrom all your playshows and movies keep up with the excellent job and have all of us love you more and more. number one fan Wanda.

  • Penedleton Norfolk, Va

    Hello Tyler Perry Whenever I'm down or upset, I can always watch one of your plays or movies to lift my spirits. You are very talented at what you do. I truly admire and love all of your plays and movies. It would be nice if I could see or come to one of your live plays. You are truly a inspiration to me in so manys ways. I am a lesbian, and I know it's a sin against God, but I try everyday to ask God to forgive me for being this way. But, everyday I still wake up feeling the same. You have always said, "People going to talk, let them talk". But, sometimes the things people say sometimes get to me, and cause me to feel bad about myself.

  • Stacey Nystrom Waco, Tx

    Tyler - I just wanted to let you know what you mean to my son Kyler who is 18yrs old now and is autistic. We come to Houston to see Madea's Big Happy family and we were 17 rows back and when you came silently on stage, I swear Kyler was the first to see you from the shadows and he got so excited I thought he was going to beat my arm to death. I wish I could have gotten him close enough to you for him to meet you. I bought him the stage play book and for the next year after that, that book went EVERYWHERE with us and he showed it to everybody. It is in such tattered pieces now........I have some friends that are going to go to see Have and Have Nots and if your crew has that book available I'm going to get my friends to get Kyler another book. Kyler has ALL your plays and movies on DVD (some 2-3 times over thank you very much !) because he watches them so much. I read some of the other posts where people think they are your biggest fans and not that it is a competition or anything but Kyler has them all beat. I cannot begin to explain it to you. Your plays and movies help him to learn to communicate, have friends, laugh,........ You mean so much to him and it gives me great joy to see the impact and the breakthrough of the autism. I only wish I could explain / convey it better to you. Families with autism touching them always wonder what gifts their loved ones have and whether or not things get through to them and I can tell you that you have given me a gift via your plays that I can never thank you enough for. If you read this - please convey these things to Kyler's other favorite people, He likes them all but he absolutely loves Cassie Davis, David and Tamela Mann, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, Lavan Davis, and most recently Palmer. I only wish that Kyler could convey this here himself......he's sitting here with me and he knows I'm writing you a message. Perhaps we'll get to meet you someday but if that never happens then you just have to know what you and your whole crew mean to this one child and to his mom too. We love you. We love what you do and if Madea and or the Browns ever do a play in our area again we will be sure to be there. Again I simply thank you. God Bless.

  • rosemooney dublin ireland

    hope i can get your books here going out 2morrow tolook

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